Modern Times Is...

…an intrepid cadre of brewers, coffee roasters, culinary wizards, creative powerhouses, and beer-slingers that began as a 30bbl production brewery and tasting room in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego in 2013. Today, we're distributed throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, and Texas. Since its inception, the Modern Times multiverse has expanded to include a robust and ever-growing barrel program, killer satellite brewery & tasting room locations.

Our current spots include: The mothership brewery and coffee roastery in Point Loma, a tasting room in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood, and a restaurant/tasting room in Encinitas.

Modern Times Coffee has also gone full-on bananas in the last few years, evolving from a tiny one-person operation to the critically-lauded roasting and cafe program it is today. We obsessively source and roast single-origins, various direct trade beans, innovative blends, barrel-aged beans, and canned cold brew roasted by our team of coffee ninjas on a beautiful 15-kilo Giesen roaster. You can sample these caffeinated gems at our tasting rooms, the Invigatorium cafe in San Diego’s East Village, and discriminating coffee purveyors all over our distro areas. Our coffee is also readily available online and can be shipped right to your door--you can even sign up for a coffee subscription

We brewed our first batch on May 18th, 2013; our beer went on tap for the first time on June 24th 2013; and we held the soft opening for the Lomaland Fermentorium tasting room on August 9th, 2013; and our Grand Opening was September 7th, 2013.

Lomaland 2021

Modern Times Was...

“Modern Times” was a utopian community built on Long Island in 1850 by a bunch of wild-eyed wingnuts who thought they could demonstrate to the world what a more perfect society might look like. They bartered, lived without a state, sometimes ignored the conventions of marriage (although probably not in the super hot way you’re imagining), and generally experimented with creating a less exploitative, more pleasurable world. Naturally, the whole thing eventually imploded when legit nut jobs from New York City found out about the “free love colony” just a train ride away and overran it. It’s now Brentwood, NY.

The brewery was named after Modern Times because of a fascination with the colorful, ambitious little pockets of history that develop in the folds of progress. It is in these forgotten little paradises that barely register in the onward rush of civilization, we create pause, connect, converse, and grow. Through expansion, experimentation, highs, lows, reckonings, education, and adaptation, we hope Modern Times Beer will continue to evolve in this spirit of ingenuity, chill vibes, and community.

Our beers are often named after real utopian experiments and mythological utopias, plus there's a healthy amount of random brain nuggets & fantastical inside jokes from the astoundingly creative and talented minds of the people who work here.

Long Island House