April 2013

Unlock a $2,400 Donation to Bike SD

on Apr 17,2013 - 0 Comments -

As you’re undoubtedly aware, we are in the midst of a hugely ambitious Kickstarter campaign. Fortunately, you all have risen to the challenge in a super-sized way and helped us blow past our goal of $40,000.

But we’re not done yet. We’re hungry…like a bunch of really hungry people. For more stuff. To make us less hungry.

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Let's Kickstart The Bejesus Out Of This Brewery

on Apr 06,2013 - 0 Comments -


Who: Modern Times Beer

What: A Kickstarter campaign

When: RIGHT NOW, ending April 30th

Where: http://kck.st/ZqKU2l

Why: Six months of determined fundraising got me enough capital to get Modern Times off the ground. But by working together on this crowdfunding campaign, we can make Modern Times so much more than just the bare minimum. We can make it a truly spectacular space, a producer of devastatingly tasty sours, and a metronomically consistent producer of high quality beer.

Modern Times

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Black House: The Commercially Rationalized, Less Delicious Version

on Apr 03,2013 - 14 Comments -

As promised, I now bring you latest update on our oatmeal coffee stout, Black House.

Being both a coffee & beer geek, I adore coffee stouts, but many of the best are night-enders. As you’re undoubtedly aware, our year round beers will be packaged in four packs of shockingly handsome 16oz. cans, a size and quantity that lends itself to drinking higher volumes of more modest-strength beers.

So our challenge with Black House—and most of our year round beers, really—is to provide a similar experience as the sledgehammers of the coffee stout universe, without the accompanying requirement that one exit the bar in a wheelbarrow.

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What Will Make Modern Times Different? Part 6

on Apr 01,2013 - 2 Comments -

No April Fools’ Day jokes. They’re rarely even jokes and even more rarely funny. If I feel like taking a potshot at macro brewers or goofy beer trends, I’ll just write a cantankerous blog post on whichever day I’m running low on coffee. Like today!

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