Thoughts On Our First Batches

on Jun 28,2013 - 2312 Comments -

It has now been almost 4 days since our beer was released into the wild. It's been really interesting to hear some of the responses people have had to the beer, some of which validates our own thoughts and critiques and some of which has been more surprising. Either way, I wanted to give you all my perspective on these first batches, and let you know what to expect from batches two through infinity.

Probably the most important thing to know: they're all going to get ~20% better. Here's how:

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on Jun 24,2013 - 1085 Comments -

So this is more or less the culmination of 18 months of insane work. YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRINK OUR BEER NOW. OR AT LEAST TOMORROW.

We sent our first truckload of beer up to the busy bees at Stone Distributing on Friday, and we’ve got another going up today. That means any bar or restaurant in San Diego that has an account with Stone Distributing can ORDER OUR BEER RIGHT FRICKIN’ NOW.

Several well-known local spots have already announced their intention to start pouring all four of our year round beers TOMORROW, which, ya know, totally makes me pee a little with glee.

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We've Got A Freakin' Distributor

on Jun 12,2013 - 1471 Comments -

Here’s some seriously huge, immensely consequential news: we’ve signed a distribution agreement with Stone Distributing. Together, we’re launching Modern Times Beer throughout San Diego in the coming weeks.

Here’s the plan: our beer will be available to retailers through Stone starting June 24th. The week of July 8th will be our official launch week, for which we’re planning a slew of spectacular, invigorating events featuring our crew of marvelously entertaining brewers.

So all of you who have been emailing me about carrying our beer at your bar/restaurant/liquor store? Talk to your Stone sales rep ASAP. If you don’t know who your rep is, you can find them here.

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Great Expectations

on Jun 11,2013 - 5012 Comments -

You may have noticed that I’ve been quieter than usual recently. The reason is pretty simple: we’ve all been working like caffeinated animals to get Modern Times open. The list of things that need to be addressed between now and opening day is almost absurdly long, and all of us have been cranking like crazy to get it finished.

The good news is that we’re remarkably close to being open. The other good news is that this work is actually considerably less stressful than much of the work that came before it. Whereas before, timelines were vague at best and amorphous challenges felt like existential threats to my entire plan, we’re now just trying to kick through the finish.

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