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If there’s a common thread that ties together all of our beers, it’s aroma. Our beers are—for the most part—at the more sessionable end of the American craft beer spectrum, so giving them a big, impressive aroma is important to keeping them exciting. For that reason, we like to think of ourselves as aroma-driven brewers.

So this being an aroma-centric place, we spend a lot of time & money on hops. And these past few weeks have been filled to the gills with hops.

I (Jacob, the guy who owns the place) just returned from my first trip to Yakima, where I selected which hop lots we’d be receiving this coming year, a cool experience in and of itself. But while I was in town, I got to check out a hop farm and processing facility, which totally blew my frickin’ mind.

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What the hell is Roraima?

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It’s our brand new 100% Brett Trois hoppy amber. Like Neverwhere, it's a one-time special release.

Roraima (pronounced: ruh-RYE-muh) is the second beer out of our funk tank. Like Neverwhere, it was fermented with 100% Brett Trois, an alternative yeast that creates a totally distinctive, fruity, complex flavor profile. To review just what in the hell Brett Trois is, why our two Brett beers aren’t horse blankety, and why they taste like pineapples, please read Mike’s Neverwhere blog post.

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