Qaanaaq New Year's Celebration

on Dec 28,2013 - 896 Comments -

Party like a narwhal on New Year’s Eve! Since the tasting room can only stay open until 9pm, we will be counting down at 8 PM, which is New Year's in Qaanaaq, Greenland. All 16 taps will be filled with tasty new pilot batches, favorites from throughout the year, and more fun variations. It'll be a great opportunity to grab a pint early in the evening and pick-up a growler or some cans on the way to your final party destination of 2013. RSVP on Facebook.

Anticipated tap list:

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Christmas Fiesta!

on Dec 19,2013 - 921 Comments -

Is there a better way to spend Monday, December 23rd than partying with us at the brewery? There is not. It was a rhetorical question. Think about it: it's the day before Christmas Eve. You either don't have to go to work the next day, or you will get nothing done if you do. Might as well drink some rad beer and put on your raddest Christmas sweater (bonus points for sweaters with working lights or bells) to party at the Lomaland Fermentorium. We'll be tapping a cask of Black House w/ orange & chocolate and a keg of Blazing World w/ spruce tips, both of which will be fully awesome.

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Christmas Decoration Time!

on Dec 06,2013 - 665 Comments -

It's always been my goal to make our tasting room a social, interactive space. Instead of the dead air that results from people silently staring in unison at a flat screen, I want the Lomaland Fermentorium to be a space for creativity, engagement, and conversation. And beer drinking.

Towards that end, we have an ever expanding roster of activities to enjoy while drinking our tasty, tasty beer. This week we felt like upping the ante a bit. We bought a bunch of arts & crafts supplies, and we're asking your help in decorating the tasting room with them. We're loosely going for a holiday theme, but we'll take almost anything creative and interesting. Just ask the bartender for supplies.

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on Dec 04,2013 - 1205 Comments -

Late game addition to the blog, but if ya haven't heard, we're having an epic Chanukah party tonight. Anybody who comes dressed as a Maccabee or Pharaoh gets a free high five!

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Southern Lands, Lost Horizon, And The Future Of Funk

on Dec 02,2013 - 1027 Comments -

As has been pointed out to me over on Facebook, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This is quite true! Between the enormous effort all of us put into the can launch, and now the enormous effort all of us are putting into our forthcoming Los Angeles/Orange County roll-out, the blog—among other things—has been neglected.

Well, the drought ends here. I’m going to talk about two recent special releases we’ve put out, and some plans for future releases.

First matter of business: Southern Lands. Although this beer will still be on-tap in the tasting room for a while longer, there is only a handful of kegs left in our distributor’s inventory. Apologies for not writing about it sooner.

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