We Just Tapped 3 New Beers

on Apr 28,2014 - 11669 Comments -

It feels like it’s been a zillion years since we last released a large-scale batch of something new. One of the downsides to brewing at max capacity is that there’s been no room for one-offs. With the arrival of our two new 120bbl monster fermenters, we finally have the tank space to start scratching our collective creative itch again.

And, well, we scratched pretty hard right out of the gate here. Releasing 3 new beers all at once wasn’t quite how we intended to do it, I assure you, but sometimes that’s just how things shake out. The good news is they’re all tasting extremely rad. In fact, I’m overjoyed and incredibly proud that these beers are as good as they are. 

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A Fresh Crop of Warm Bodies

on Apr 25,2014 - 684 Comments -

One of the inevitabilities of running a business is that some of the people you hire will leave. You can choose to freak out about it, or accept it as part of the natural life of a business. Personally, I’m just thankful for the contributions people make when they’re here and hopeful that we’ve been a good home for them.

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