Booming Rollers & Protocosmos

on Feb 24,2015 - 1121 Comments -

You may recall our plan to release 16 new beers this year on an ambitious scale: 4 canned seasonals & 12 bottled special releases.

Happily, we are a bit ahead of schedule. Booming Rollers, our spring seasonal in what is essentially a rotating IPA program, was packaged last week and began hitting shelves in force this week. This 6.8% ABV IPA was ready earlier than anticipated, and we couldn’t justify holding back a fresh IPA just to meet the arbitrary seasonal bloc of March through May. It remains to be seen if we’ll actually be able to keep it on the shelf for that period; early indications are that it’s moving rather quickly.

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The 2015 Cup of Dankness Competition!

on Feb 10,2015 - 578 Comments -

Modern Times Beer is stoked to announce our first annual Cup of Dankness Freestyle Homebrew Competition on May 23rd, 2015! The winning beer will be brewed to enter into the GABF Pro-Am competition. Beers will be judged by the beer ninjas who work here based on their general deliciousness. We are looking for the best beer of ANY type, regardless of whether it fits a specific style.

On May 28th, the winner and runners-up will be announced at the Lomaland Fermentorium tasting room in an elaborate ceremony that will include a crowning (yes, with a real crown), procession, and very special beers on-tap. Expect maximum dankness. And possibly a mariachi band. 

The Rules:

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We're Gonna Start Distributing in SF!

on Feb 03,2015 - 789 Comments -

Damn, are we ever excited to be making this announcement! Starting May 1st, we will begin distributing in a big way to San Francisco & San Mateo County. This has been many months in the making, and we’re thrilled to say that IT IS FINALLY HAPPENNING FOR REALZ.

Many, many people have asked, begged, pleaded, cajoled, & demanded that we send our beer to San Francisco. So we listened, and began working through the many steps necessary to make it happen.

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