December Special Release Rundown: Part 2

on Dec 18,2020 - 0 Comments -

The last special release presale of the year is KILLER, you guys. Seriously, we’re going full Emeril Lagasse up in this piece with one final BAM for 2020, A.K.A part 2 of December's special releases. We're garnishing this very interesting year with a sprinkle of extra deliciousness, including rad collabs, new takes on old favorites, IPA magic (like our first-ever IPA 6-pack & a black IPA), and intensely decadent stout magic. Let us commence this tasty last hurrah for a year we shall not soon forget, though we may wish to rather intensely.

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December Special Release Rundown: Part 1

on Dec 04,2020 - 0 Comments -

The first portion of the monumentally delicious December special release beers will officially be up for grabs tomorrow morning at 10AM. Our special projects magicians have reached out into the ether and plucked these hazy, refreshing, funky, barrel-aged, fruited, and caffeinated miracles out of the void for your drinking pleasure. It may be early in the holiday season, but this year more than ever, you deserve to treat yourself to some of the most delicious beveragery in the known universe. PLUS, we have a new & vastly improved reservation system, so getting in on all this deliciousness is easier than ever. Without further ado, let us dive into this month’s pool of liquid splendor. 

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on Dec 03,2020 - 0 Comments -

We can agree that getting your paws on some brand new special release beers is downright delightful; we can also probably agree that the pick-up reservations have been tricky to navigate...UNTIL NOW. We're implementing an entirely new reservation system and pickup policy, starting today. It's significantly easier to use than the last system, and best of all, reservations are no longer required for pickups. While no longer required, we still highly encourage them; people with reservations will receive priority over those without them.

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