Black House Black Friday 2!

Black House Black Friday

This event was such a radically kickass time last year, we just had to do it again. And Black Friday is the perfect time for it: you're probably not going to work, shopping is the worst, and these beers are frickin' delicious.

So here's the deal: your ticket gets you ten 5oz tasters & a sexy keeper glass. Each pour of any beer listed below requires one tab from your 10-tab wristband. There'll be two sessions: 12pm-4pm and 5pm-9pm.


Here's the tentative tap list:

1. Black House w/ New Orleans-style coffee (i.e. coffee w/ chicory)
2. Black House w/ rye barrel-aged coffee
3. Black House w/ Kenya Nyeri Othaya Peaberry (i.e. Single Origin Black House)
4. Black House w/ Lost Spirits Navy Style rum soaked raisins
5. Black House w/ cinnamon, chilies, cocoa nibs, & vanilla bean (i.e. Mexican Hot Chocolate Black House)
6. Black House w/ bourbon soaked oak chips & orange peel
7. Black House w/ mezcal soaked oak chips
8. Black House w/ toasted coconut & vanilla beans
9. Black House w/ gingerbread
10. Double Chocolate Black House (Black House w/ Ecuadorian & Ghanian cocoa nibs)
11. Monsters' Park w/ Four Roses barrel-aged coffee
12. Monsters' Park w/ cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, & oak chips
13. Black House Blend Cold Press Coffee
14. Kenya Nyeri Othaya Peaberry Cold Press Coffee
15. Black House (super fresh keg)
16. Monsters' Park Imperial Stout

Pour Station
1. Monsters' Park Aged in Rye Barrels (one pour per person)
2. Monsters' Park Aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels (one pour per person)

Ice Cream Station
Add a small scoop of coconut ice cream to any pour above ($1 per scoop, cash-only)

We'll also have a slew of rad merch available for purchase, including three hot new pieces: a fresh pull-over sweatshirt design, Blazing World t-shirts, and a women's quarter sleeve scoop neck shirt, plus our legendary Ritzenhoff crystal tulips, pint glasses, shirts, beanies, hoodies, and more.




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