Black Lives Matter

A message from our Founder & CEO Jacob McKean:

What's happening right now in this country is the inevitable result of tremendous inequality. A system that values some lives over others requires two things to maintain its stability: 1) Widespread belief in a collective lie, and 2) Violent repression. The lie at the heart of American racism is that black lives are less valuable than everyone else's. This manifests itself in every aspect of our broken society, from policing to housing to health care and beyond. 

Over the course of generations, that lie has been slowly eroded by the fearless organizing of people determined to live in a more just world. But when every possible avenue for addressing that inequality has been closed off--from symbolic displays of dissent to electoral means--pressure builds and eventually escapes in an uncontrolled manner that often leads to collateral damage. Those who wish to maintain the status quo are then left with only violent repression. Usually, that's enough to maintain an unjust system. But occasionally, it's not, and sometimes it even erodes the lie further by making plain the contradictions of an inequitable society. 

That is the situation we are faced with today. That it has come to this is an indictment of the state of our democracy, which has disfranchised and disillusioned so many. It is an indictment of the racial caste system that continues to define American life in so many ways. And it is an indictment of our political establishment, who have resisted every attempt to ameliorate the situation. This is the cost we pay for that intransigence: lives needlessly lost, violence indiscriminately meted out, a social fabric tearing at the seams. 

We can only hope that this terrible situation leads to a more just society, one that values the full humanity of black lives. Otherwise, we will all be faced with these circumstances yet again, at some unknown future date when a spark of repression hits the kindling of inequality and ignites another unnecessary inferno. 

We stand on the side of justice. We say, unequivocally, that black lives matter. And it is our profound hope that American society will reflect this simple truth in our lifetime.