Our resident master of caffeination is back at it again, and for the next episode in this series of at-home deliciousness, she's giving us the rundown on brewing with a v60. You can scope the step-by-step recipe below, and keep your eyes peeled for the IGTV via @moderntimescoffee (no, your eyes do not deceive you; we finally got our handle back).


  • V60
  • Server or cup to brew into
  • Gram Scale
  • Timer
  • V60 Paper Filters
  • Coffee
Brew at Home: V60
Illustrations by Courtney


  1. Start with 27g of medium to finely ground coffee and 350g of hot water (around 200℉).
  2. Pre-rinse your paper filter (make sure to dump the rinse water before brewing coffee).
  3. Pour the ground coffee into your V60 and level it out, making sure the bed is flat (an even bed makes for even extraction).
  4. Bloom your coffee (50g) for 30 seconds. Give it a little swirl.
  5. At 0:30, pour in hot water until you’ve reached 150g. Get ready to pour some more.
  6. At 1:05, pour to 200g.
  7. At 1:30, pour to 250g.
  8. At 1:55, pour to 300g.
  9. At 2:20, pour to 350g.
  10. Give it a final swirl to ensure an even extraction, which will result in a nice, flat bed when you’re done. 
  11. When the stream of coffee turns into a drip, remove the V60 and pour your coffee.
  12. Enjoy!


  • Yields a nice, clean cup of coffee.
  • Even extraction allows for the coffee’s flavors to come through.
  • The process is super relaxing and a great opportunity to find some zen in your day.


I love this method because it helps me to slow down and put care into the cup that I’m  making; it’s become a nice morning routine before I start my day. The V60 is great because when you finally master it, you get a flavorful cup with a great body and a clean finish. I chose Heavy Weather to brew because this blend is a complex yet dope coffee that offers a lot of unique flavors such as cranberry, candied orange and red wine, and I think that this brew method captures those notes perfectly.