Cans: the saga

It would be difficult to overstate how insanely excited I am to be launching our cans this week. From the minute I began dreaming about Modern Times and imagining what it would become, I knew unequivocally that I wanted to put our beer in cans. But I had no idea just what an enormous undertaking it would be.

This is my 22nd month working full-time on Modern Times, and the goal of drinking our beer out of our cans has seemed impossibly out of reach at times.

From the many hours spent working with our designers on the labels, to getting the damn things approved by the intractable bureaucracy in Washington, to selecting a canning machine and can maker, to proofing the can samples, to receiving 44 giant pallets of these frickin’ things, to hiring a crew of canning line operators, to calibrating the temperamental machine, to furiously filling them with our beer, to convincing stores to carry them…it’s been a huge operation that’s involved a small army of dedicated people.

Some of those folks are brand new to Modern Times, some of them have been here since the beginning, but everyone—EVERYONE—worked like crazed lunatics to get this done. I’m profoundly grateful to every single person who helped make this possible and deeply proud of the results.

Launching these cans is the end of the beginning for us. We’re no longer in start-up mode, now that all the major pieces are in place. Draft, tasting room, cans: all up and running. It’s a tremendous relief and feels like a huge accomplishment, but now, of course, the work of growing begins in earnest.

“Growing” doesn’t just mean getting bigger though, it means getting better, too. Maturing. Improving. Refining. One of the ways we’ve grown since brewing our first batches in May is by refining our recipes and improving our execution. I’m incredibly happy to say that the beer that filled these cans is our best yet. Naturally, we’re not going to stop here, but it’s gratifying to know that the folks who buy these cans will be getting our best efforts to date.

I don’t know exactly when or where the cans will be showing up this week, but asking for them at your preferred liquor store/grocery store/bottle shop is the best way to help get them out there (they really do listen!)

And if you buy ‘em: thank you. Thank you so much. All of us at Modern Times have been working so hard on this. Your support means the world to us.



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