Seasonal cans are coming! My goal has always been for a rotating cadre of seasonals to occupy a 5th can slot for us, and now that plan is coming to fruition. Along with an ambitious 22oz release program and a slew of barrel-aged releases (both of which I will write about soon), in 2015 we will put all of the pieces of my original beer plan for Modern Times into place. That's super exciting.

So, the seasonals. All of these are beers we've brewed before, and Oneida & Aurora both hit 22oz bottles this year. With these four beers, the seasonal program essentially becomes our rotating IPA slot, making our line-up hoppier & more aggressive than it currently stands. All of these beers go heavy on new wave hops from the fruit-forward end of the spectrum, and that's the point. We want to profile some of the fascinating new stars of the hop world, and these beers do it, big time. 

Oneida is loaded with Hallertau Blanc, Aurora brings the Equinox, Booming Rollers is all about Citra, and City of the Sun leans on Motueka/Mosaic. These hops are the result of hop breeders and growers taking bold steps into previously uncharted territory, and the results are spectacular. All of these beers will be super fragrant, completely saturated with hop flavor, and distinctively original. 

Here's the schedule:
Oneida--March through May
Booming Rollers--June through August
Aurora--September through November
City of the Sun--December through February

Like our year round cans, the seasonals will all be in four packs of 16oz cans. They'll be widely available throughout our current distribution area, and they'll be available on draft as well. Should be a rad year!

Cheers & thanks,
Jacob McKean



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