We are stoked out of our frickin’ minds to announce the next major research facility in our ongoing investigation into the art of partying: Leisuretown. Prepare your mind, body, and soul for a garden of earthly delights that will span over 31,927 square feet in downtown Anaheim.

We’ve been covertly working with the geniuses at The LAB (the urban development masterminds behind the Anaheim Packing District, LAB Anti-Mall, and the CAMP) to create a mind-bending craft beer mecca such as the world has never seen. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

• A gorgeous funky/sour brewing facility chock-full of foeders, amphora, and various experimental fermenting vessels, housed in a jaw-dropping old hoop-style wooden warehouse.
• A showpiece Modern Times café & restaurant set in an utterly charming two-story, historic craftsman home
• Stalls serving food from some of SoCal’s most kickass restaurateurs
• A giant frickin’ swimming pool, complete with poolside bar, movie screen, and sweet floaty toys
• A delightful and convenient Modern Times merch store & bottle pick-up location


All of these wondrous attractions will surround a vast and beautifully landscaped outdoor space primed for group gatherings and luxurious beer drinking. Once complete, it will be unnecessary (and unwise) to ever leave Leisuretown: astoundingly good coffee, decadent food, boundary-pushing beer, tasteful shopping, and leisurely swimming will be on offer daily.

For those of you already typing up a “What happened to L.A.?” email, breathe easy. The Dankness Dojo in downtown L.A. is still very much happening, and its timeline will not be affected whatsoever by this new, radical addition. It’s taken us a little longer to jump through the requisite hoops in L.A. than we anticipated, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop making rad stuff in the meantime. We’ll have more specific updates on both locations coming soon.

The last three years have given us the opportunity to create some real magic, and we cannot wait to unleash our next two weird little pockets of radness on our friends to the north. Cheers!