LAGERS; They're the New Pizza

Greetings, friends! After a brief can-release hiatus, we are back in action with a delightful grip of special release beers. There’s a whole bunch of deliciousness that falls under the April Part 1 umbrella, but what we’re most stoked about is a pair of impossibly tasty, extra crispy lagers. To say they are the cat’s pajamas would be a gross understatement...dare we say that they’re the new pizza? We totally do.

abaddon and real chill

The first half of this dynamic duo is a tall glass of refreshment that most of you will likely recognize: Abaddon. This Helles lager has quickly become one of our most highly regarded crispy bois. Brewed in collaboration with Wayfinder, this beer started with German malts and was hopped with Perle & Hallertau Mittelfruh. It’s naturally carbonated, making for a beautifully bright, effervescent character. This one is a majestically expressive take on a traditional style that’s both balanced and jaw-droppingly crushable, so it’s definitely a good thing that we went with the 19.2oz cans for this bad boi. 

The other utterly lovely beer we’ve opted to highlight is Real Chill. This pils was hopped with lavish quantities of Perle, Spalter Select, and Mandarina Bavaria, and then meticulously dry-hopped with Spalter Select and Saaz, yielding intriguing aromas of black pepper & lemongrass, followed by flavors of lemon and black tea. It’s both super-crushable and enchantingly complex, and we’d highly recommend putting some in your face.

Both of these ideal liquid specimens (plus some other tasty surprises) will be on offer online in the presale at 10AM on Saturday. Quantities are limited, so if you want in, we’d highly recommend marking your calendars, and if you’d like an email reminder with all the relevant details, you can totally sign up for our email newsletter by clicking that little envelope icon at the top.