Let's Kickstart The Bejesus Out Of This Brewery


Who: Modern Times Beer

What: A Kickstarter campaign

When: RIGHT NOW, ending April 30th

Where: http://kck.st/ZqKU2l

Why: Six months of determined fundraising got me enough capital to get Modern Times off the ground. But by working together on this crowdfunding campaign, we can make Modern Times so much more than just the bare minimum. We can make it a truly spectacular space, a producer of devastatingly tasty sours, and a metronomically consistent producer of high quality beer.

Modern Times Merch

We’re seeking $40,000 in pledges to build a wildly creative tasting room, purchase a truckload of used wine & spirit barrels, and acquire precision lab equipment. We’re offering some shockingly rad rewards to help make this campaign a success, including a slew of one-of-a-kind experiences that go well beyond the standard Kickstarter rewards.


Modern Times Merch

So (pretty extra super please) check out the Kickstarter campaign, pledge what you can, and share this link like the plague: http://kck.st/ZqKU2l


Modern Times Merch





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