Modern Times Is Heading To Maui!

Incredibly radical news, folks: starting in April, we'll be sending our beer to Maui!

Our Southern California distributor (i.e. our only distributor) Stone Distributing, just announced that they'll be joining forces with the good peeps at Maui Brewing to bring Stone's portfolio of breweries to the island. That makes things extremely simple for us, which is why we're sending beer to Maui first instead of somewhere closer (although we're hoping Central Coast and the Bay Area won't be far behind.) 

I took this photo at Baldwin Beach Park in Pa'ia on a recent scouting trip. Suffice it to say, I think our beer is going to enjoy spending time in Maui. 

Modern Times Beer in Maui

Craft beer options are pretty limited there, so this influx of really good beer will be a game changer for local craft beer drinkers. And while Maui Brewing has done a fantastic job of building a craft beer culture in Hawaii, the major uptick in attention the island(s) will receive from mainland breweries will provide a huge boost to the scene.

Word is that the rest of Hawaii will start getting distribution over the course of the coming year or so. The logistics of moving beer to, and between, Hawaiian islands are fairly complex, so it's going to take some time to get it set-up. But rest assured, we will not stop at Maui.

Anyway, we're insanely excited to get out there. If you know somewhere in Maui that should carry our cans or pour our kegs, let them (and us) know! Details on pricing and the exact roll-out schedule are still hazy, but it never hurts to start spreading the word. 

Cheers & thanks,

Jacob McKean

Modern Times Beer


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