Hitting shelves throughout SoCal next week: MONSTERS' PARK, our hulking, cantankerous 12% ABV imperial stout. Sporting a huge roast/chocolate profile, this beer is as aggressive as it is complex, offering layer after layer of robust malt flavor & aroma. Brewing this much Monsters' Park was a gigantic pain in the ass, but it's our way of saying THANK YOU to all the awesome bottle shops, liquor stores, & markets who have done so much to support us.

                                                           Monsters Park

Look for these bottles anywhere you've seen our previous bottle releases. Monsters' Park really is a beast, so feel free to age this puppy. Anywhere from 6 to 24 months of aging should lead to some really spectacular results. 

We expect this to be an annual release for us. Failing to buy this beer may lead you to spend the rest of your life regretting not getting in on the first bottle release. Just sayin'.


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