New beers update!

We've got a whole slew of tasty new beers coming down the pipeline. Here's the news:

1. Our next 22oz bottle release is fast approaching. Aurora—a 6.8% ABV red rye IPA loaded with Equinox, Centennial, Motueka, and Experimental Hop 07270—will hit shelves and taps throughout Southern California the first week of October. Consider this bitter, pungent, complex IPA our contribution to the war on pumpkin spice bullshit.

2. We first brewed City of the Sun—a 7.5% IPA with Mosaic, Motueka, and Simcoe—about a year ago, and it has now been revised and re-brewed. The new version is bigger, drier, and more bitter, bringing it more in-line with our original goal for the beer. Perhaps most excitingly, we are splitting off half the batch mingle with 120lbs of Equinox wet hops fresh off the vine from Yakima. Both versions should be on-tap late next week in both of our tasting rooms and at special events around SoCal.

3. Bottles of barrel-aged Monsters’ Park sold it in jiffy, way exceeding our expectations. We can’t thank you all enough for the tremendous show of support! If you missed out on bottles, just know that we have a lot more coming down the pipeline. We recently filled 12 freshly dumped Heaven Hill whiskey barrels with a fresh batch of Monsters’, and 12 Nicaraguan dark rum barrels are getting filled this week. So lots of tasty barrel-aged Monsters’ to come.

4. Some of you undoubtedly noticed that we did not the release the bourbon barrel-aged version we’d been planning to bottle. Here’s the story: we had some concerns about a possible Brettanomyces infection in those barrels (they were the only ones to have previously held beer), and there was no way we were going to risk releasing bad bottles to you all. So we decided to pitch our sour culture into them, which should give us a bourbon barrel-aged sour imperial stout in 3-6 months. Turning lemons into lemoncello…

5. Sours are going to be released a bit later than expected. Due to the insane number of other projects we’re currently working on, we’ve had to push batch the release until at least November. Stay tuned for more details.



Mon, 06/01/2020 - 05:00

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