New Year-Round Bombers: City of the Dead

City of the Dead represents the divine union of our barrel-aged coffee program and our relentlessly inventive brewhouse. "WTF is barrel-aged coffee?" Good question, here's how we make it.

When we started realizing the incredible depth of delicious complexity we were able to get out of barrel-aged coffee beans, it was a pretty short step to: "We should totally put this in beer." A couple of casks of Black House w/ barrel-aged beans later, and we were convinced that this definitely had to be a thing.

So we formulated a 7.5% ABV export stout specifically to play well with barrel-aged coffee. The base beer is luxuriously rich and chewy, and loaded with notes of roasty, chocolaty radness. The perfect canvas for these incredibly flavorful beans.

Once the beer has finished fermenting, we dose it with 2.5 lbs/barrel of bourbon barrel-aged coffee and let the beans work their magic. The coffee origin will change throughout the year, but the first batch contains our single origin Guatemala Jacaltenango, a bean that brings a considerable amount of chocolate and dark-fruity goodness to the mix.

What you get in the end is a stout sporting an impossibly decadent mélange of freshly-emptied bourbon barrels, coffee, and malty awesomeness unlike any other. It's tastes something like a coffee-drenched, burnt mashmallow, but drier and more like beer.

This mind-altering ambrosia hits shelves starting TODAY, and is on tap and in bottles now at both tasting rooms. Once your taste buds begin singing together in joyous harmony, we think you'll concur that it was worth the rather long trip to create.


Peter Ellis

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 06:39

Can you get this beer in Australia yet? Or at any stage in future?


Thu, 03/03/2016 - 08:12

Are we able to buy or order online to ship across state lines?


Thu, 03/16/2017 - 09:50

I got one of these this week. Can I let it age?