IT IS NOVEMBER; a simple statement of fact that, while we're not sure how, means it's already time for part 1 of this month's special release presale. We get it, there's A LOT going on right now (oh, you know, like the fate of our country being determined), but we'd argue that makes the timing of this lineup of drinkable stunners especially ideal. The aforementioned, truly magnificent bounty of libational miracles will magically appear on the presale page Saturday at 10AM. Let’s get into the rundown.

We’re kicking off November with our insanely delicious Dortmunder lager, Dort. This style, named for its place of origin, was created to quench the thirst of some seriously hard working German coal miners. It’s maltier than your typical pils and normally no less than 5% ABV; a perfectly balanced beverage light enough to be refreshing, yet hearty enough to feel like a real treat after a long day of subterranean labor. Dort features crackery munich malt to produce a full-bodied lager experience, backed up with a heavy dose of Spalter Select hops. This beer is super crisp with a robust, noble aroma, and while we don’t have a ton of mining experience, we’d argue it would really hit the spot after a long day of doing pretty much anything.

Dort (Dortmunder lager 2020)


Next up: Spectralia. This dark sour began with our delicious Flanders-style red base beer, a style that is anchored by its unique cocktail of good bacteria, as well as its time spent in oak. Fittingly, the aforementioned base was aged for 4 months in heavy toast American oak foeders, which we then blended with Batch 1500 (a super-tasty farmhouse ale) aged in red wine barrels for a whopping 40 months (the special projects ninjas settled on a 62/38 split). That stupendous creation was then refermented on a ton (3.5lb/gal) of fresh Robada apricots (known for their reddish blush & easy-out pits) from the agricultural whizzes at Sunny Cal Farms. It’s beautifully complex, bursting with all the stone fruit-goodness you’d expect with astounding depth. 

We teamed once up again with our buddies at New York’s Threes Brewing to make a second batch of our incredible Baltic porter, Chromatic Illusion. We started with a wonderfully biscuity base of  pilsner, Munich type 2, chocolate, pale, white wheat, oak-smoked wheat, and midnight wheat, with three rounds of Hallertau Mittelfruh, adding touches of spicy bitterness. It’s super refreshing--especially for a beer at almost 7% ABV--with a balanced chocolate malt character & a soft touch of smoke on the nose.

Chromatic Illusion (Threes Brewing collab)


Things are about to get hazy up in this piece with Double Dry-Hopped Underworld Dreams. This beloved IPA was among the first of our special release haze-beasts, and has since made several reemergences, each time taking an even tastier form than the last, with this one being no exception. This murklord was built on a bed of malted oats and was loaded with borderline ridiculous amounts of Idaho 7, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops. The final beer is a hazy explosion of ripe pineapple, orangey citrus, and berry notes; an unmitigated sensory experience that will have you pining for more after every sip.

DDH Underworld Dreams IPA


Let us proceed to another dazzling collaborative effort with the mages of Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing. Together, we concocted a brew built on a blend of the most premium pilsner malts, yeast, & hops, thus the moniker: Premium Blend. For this utterly delectable exploration of pils malt, our aim was to add depth of flavor while maintaining a light, balanced body. Dare we say, we succeeded. We blended our Juice yeast with their house strain, Corporate, in order to achieve the perfect melange of our house flavors. The whole package is tied together with a backing of Columbus cryo, Citra, Strata, and Idaho 7 hops, making for a pineapple-forward beverage with dank, piney undertones on the back of a luxuriously full body.

Premium Blend (Cloudburst collab)

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Enter: Tiger Millionaire. This truly formidable TIPA unit is built upon a base of 2 Row, Pilsner, Oat Malt, and Rolled Oats, creating an amazingly smooth dance floor on which Citra & Nelson hops can dance the night away. At a whopping 10.4%, it’s shockingly easy-drinking, packing the tropical punch you’re looking for while also delivering delicate notes of white wine. If your palate is up to the task of taming this haze beast, you’re in for a treat.

Tiger Millionaire TIPA


Decadent doesn't even begin to cover the off-the-charts luxury of this imperial stout quartet. Our special projects ninjas went buckwild on this series of cake-inspired Pharaoh Ascendent imperial dessert stouts. They dreamed up 4 variations for this mixed pack: cocoa & vanilla; cocoa, vanilla, & raspberry; cocoa & pecan; and cocoa & coconut. Whether you feel like playing mixologist and connecting your own definition of liquid elegance, or perform a detailed study of each specimen on its own, prepare to be blown away. 

This concludes the November Part 1 flavor excursion. The presale shall commence tomorrow morning at 10 AM (on the presale page, of course). Pickups will begin the following Wednesday or Friday (depending on where you’re located), and you’ll have a 30-day window to collect your purchases. We hope that these beers will at least slightly counteract the stressful forces of uncertainty swirling around at the moment, and that everyone stays safe & excellent out there.