November Special Release Rundown: Part 2

If you're reading this, it's presale time. As many of our friends gear up to kick off the holiday season with some indulgence next week, we consider it due diligence to inform you all that a cornucopia of inordinately tasty adult beverages will be included in Saturday's special release presale. More specifically, a quartet of collaborative wonders ranging from crispy to lupulin-laden to decadent, all manners of hop-wizardry, and a delectable sour. Yeah, pretty tight. Now, let’s dive into this assuredly tasty pool.

We’ll kick off this literary exploration of delectability with Oat Dunkel. Enegren Brewing of Moorpark, CA paid us a special visit to brew this singularly tasty crispy one. For the uninitiated, “dunkel” means “dark” in German, which aptly describes the hue and caramelized malt flavors characteristic of the style. We did a single decoction mash (for that crispy-dry maltiness associated with German-style lagers) of Weyermann Munich II, with a little bit of Pilsner malt and some Golden Naked Oats for a bodacious body. We also got a little wild and threw in some Carafa II, just to amp up the color. For the bittering hop, we chose aromatic Perle, then we let a 3-week lagering do its work. The finished beer pours a red-tinged dark brown--a stark contrast to its crisp white head of foam--and boasts notes of biscuit, pumpernickel bread, light caramel, with a hint of bitterness balanced by a touch of sweetness.

Oat dunkel 2020


Next, we’re taking a funky little detour: Forgotten Landscapes Aged in Tawny Port Barrels with Nectarines. The second of a whopping four magical works of collaboration included in this release’s lineup, we got together with the fine humans of Burial Brewing out of Asheville, North Carolina for this re-brew. We built this inordinately tasty saison on a base of California, Oregon, & North Carolina craft malts, which was then fermented with an amalgam of Juice yeast and a blend of both MT’s and Burial’s house cultures. For this iteration, we opted to age this saison in tawny port barrels from Napa for a whole year before racking it onto a bunch (3.9 lbs per gallon) of Red Roy nectarines (named for their coloring and known for their sweet acidity) from D.E. Boldt Farms. The resulting beer is astoundingly complex; sweet nuttiness from the barrels is layered with bright, tart funkiness from the cultures and fruit. 

We’ll now foray into the realm of dankness with Double Dry-Hopped Broken Shadows. This beloved brew is back in all its hoppy glory, and then some. This haze beast started with a Crisp Best Ale Malt base, with the addition of a smattering of vienna malt, oat malt, rye malt, flaked oats, and flaked rye. In the whirlpool, we loaded it with equal parts Strata, Galaxy, and Nugget, and then double dry-hopped that already glorious liquid with 6 lbs/bbl of the very same varietals, doubling down on flavor. This murky beauty emerged sporting strong stone fruit on the nose, with notes of mango, peach,  and lychee, underscored by a splendid dankness. It’s also a little spicy and beautifully full-bodied, thanks to the rye and oats. 

Mosaic Timewave Zero is all the dank deliciousness you’d expect from a new iteration of a renowned tasty one, but switched up with Mosaic for this installment. The beer started with a blend of 2 Row and Maris Otter base malts to lay it down for the borderline outrageous amount of Mosaic hops we subsequently added. We didn’t stop there; we also introduced a little Citra and Eureka hops to the dry-hop party, as well. Apart from the obvious dank splendor of this wonderful DIPA, notes of tangerine and mango do a delightful little number across the palate with each sip.

For this next one (New In Town), we circled up with our Anaheim neighbors from Unsung Brewing to produce a DIPA of epic proportions. Extra Pale Premium Pilsner from Weyermann created a solid foundation, rounded out by about 40% of white wheat malt, flaked oats, and a pinch of carafoam. We collectively agreed that this opaque, pale beauty should pack a hop punch, so we used Chinook for bittering, Strata and Citra in the whirlpool, plus an extra heavy dose of 5 lbs/bbl of Strata, Citra, and Nelson. All said and done, this beer has the dank nose you’d anticipate, but drinks like a tropical fruit salad (think notes of pineapple, blood orange, kiwi, and peach), balanced by a hint of bitterness with a gloriously smooth body.

Mosaic Timewave Zero

Our last stop on this tasting journey is a wonderfully decadent bookend: Permanent Expansion. This mega-indulgent pastry stout was made with our buds at an old school Seattle bottle shop that has been killing the game since ‘99. We flipped the script a little on this recipe, starting with 2-row and Munich malts to provide a clean, biscuit-forward base, with a little help from Washington-grown crystal malt, pale chocolate, chocolate, and debittered Carafa III. This truly magical malt bill beer produced a pronounced-yet-balanced caramel-y, roasty character, a perfect canvas on which we used Madagascar Vanilla (a whopping 5lbs of it), hand-toasted Pecans (270 lbs), and coffee (blend of both barrel-aged & regular Guatemalan curated by our coffee ninjas) to paint a glorious flavor piece de resistance. The end result is an extravagant explosion of honey-forward coffee, underscored by a beautiful oaky bouquet and balanced by vanilla sweetness and a rich pecan finish. It’s also visually striking, pouring pitch black with a long-lasting tan head.

Permanent Expansion

This concludes this month’s flavor expedition. Beers will appear on the presale page tomorrow morning at 10AM, and will be ready for pickup the following Wednesday and Friday, depending on your designated scoop-spot (don't forget to snag a reservation). PLEASE NOTE: Due to the national holiday next week, our spots will have adjusted hours, so please familiarize yourself with our hours of operation, and no matter what your holiday plans are, please be excellent and stay safe out there.