Welcome to the February Part 1 special release beer highlight. Feel free to grab something tasty to sip on and settle in somewhere comfy, because we’re about to dive into one of our most versatile--and beloved--masters of funk, Singular Rhythms. This time around, we loaded this delightfully complex sour with citron black tea and grilled lemons, and to say that it’s preposterously delicious would be a gross understatement, so prepare to unravel this flavor tapestry, thread by thread.

singular rhythms: citron black tea & lemon


We began with one of our most OG purveyors of funk, Transit of Venus—a funky rye grisette that often serves as the building block for our sour saisons—with the intention of creating an Arnold Palmer-inspired beverage. However, through the process of layering this hallowed liquid with complexity, our barrel warehouse high priests concluded that it was far more splendid than a 99¢ gas station iced-tea (rumor has it the price may have increased since we were in highschool. We’ll get someone to fact check that). We also planned on calling in “Tee Party”, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

Anyway, after 5 months spent in medium-toast American Oak, the beer was racked onto Citron Black iced tea and a blend of yellow and pink lemons, which our brew-wizards grilled over open flames. This wondrous tea came to us by way of Rare Tea Cellar, and consists of a blend of High Mountain black tea (origin: Anhui, China) with five types of lemon leaves (Australian, Moroccan, Egyptian, and French), plus two types of peels (Egyptian and Japanese). The citrus component of said blend was inspired by the charred, sweet lemon in traditional Portuguese cuisine; a zesty dance of bitter and sweet that mirrors the character of the Citron tea. The result is a beer that’s light on its feet across the palate, skipping from bright citrus, to tart funk, to deep complexity from the oak and tea. It’s an incredibly unique beer in all the right ways, and yet another successful expedition into the frontier of uncharted randess by our Special Projects folks. We’re psyched.

grilled pink and yellow lemons


You’ll be able to secure a bottle of Singular Rhythms: Citron Black Tea & Lemon in the online presale, which will go live on Saturday at 10AM. As previously mentioned, this is a presale, so you’ll be able to collect the goods the following Wednesday or Friday, depending on your designated pickup destination. Hang in there, friends, and stay excellent.