Oh, hey, didn’t see you there! You may be a little surprised to find yourself on the blog this early in the week, but we wanted to allow you all ample time to get adequately stoked over this month’s special release offerings, so here we are. Welcome. For the March Pt.1 presale highlight, we’re shining the spotlight on a decidedly delicious, Portland-born, extraordinarily decadent canned single--Cosmic Entity: Pecan Pie Edition. If you’re ready to float down a lazy river of veritable dessert wonderment, let’s dive in.

If you’ve been with us for a decent amount of time now, the name Cosmic Entity probably rings a bell, and may or may not also elicit a pavlovian pang of thirst, accompanied by some light drooling. Don’t worry, it’s normal. One of the first stouts ever to come to fruition at our Portland outpost, Cosmic Entity has served as the trusty steed on which a whole bunch of delicious adjuncts have ridden into tasty infamy. This particular version definitely falls into that echelon of nobility. The Pecan Pie Edition is loaded with copious quantities of astoundingly fragrant, hand-toasted pecans (7lbs/bbl), an ungodly amount of coconut (10lbs/bbl), cocoa nibs (2lbs/bbl) and a masterful blend of coffee Mexico Muxbal and Guatemala Todos Santos (1.33lbs/bbl). It’s truly a swirling vortex of dessert magic that you can experience with the crack of a can.

cosmic entity: pecan pie edition


As our PDX head brewer, Mat, so excellently put it, “it can be tough finding a balance of flavor intensity when you have this many adjuncts, especially when the beer already has so much complexity on it's own, but this one was something we feel we is firing on all cylinders.” We really pulled out all the stops on this one. The coffees introduce delicate notes of caramel and vanilla into the mix, and the toasted pecans provide all the roastiness this balancing act calls for, which is why our brew-sorcerors opted to leave the cocoa nibs untoasted, ensuring that the chocolate notes (whether from the malts or the actual nibs), wouldn’t be too overpowering. This iteration of Cosmic Entity is straight-up over-the-top (in a magnificent way) in terms of both aromas and overall delectability, and we are inordinately amped for everyone to have a shot at a slice of this pie.

Cosmic Entity: Pecan Pie Edition will be included in the online special release presale this Saturday (3/6) at 10AM. All the details will go out via email newsletter (which you can sign up for by clicking that little envelope icon up at the top), plus, keep your eyes peeled for appearances of the other, equally awesome March Pt.1 special release beers on our instagram feed (@moderntimesbeer). We’ve got some serious stunners in store for you all, so marking your calendars is highly advisable.