One of our most infamous haze beasts makes its triumphant return in the forthcoming special release presale, so obviously, we’re going to seize this opportunity to sing its many praises. If you’re a devout follower of our hypest brews, you’ll be well-aware of the reputation of this certified murk lord. Of course, we are referring to Dinosaur World.

Dinosaur World DIPA 2021


The hazy DIPA is now a stylistic fixture in our tasting rooms, and while patrons may have become accustomed to the presence of these majestic juice-bombs, what they may not realize is that Dinosaur World paved the way for these hopped-up heavy hitters. In 2017, our brew-wizards set out to conjure forth a beer that was straight-up stuffed with Citra hops, boasting a touch of sweetness and lots of body. They were extremely successful. Dinosaur World became one of our most beloved beverages seemingly overnight, and what began as a deceptively simple desire turned into an epic quest for excellence and consistency, with multiple batches--including Double Dry-Hopped iterations--dazzling beverage enthusiasts throughout the MT realm. 

Dinosaur World collage 2021


Since then, the recipe hasn’t changed much. We start things off with 2 Row, Extra Pale, Maris Otter, White Wheat Malt, Flaked Oats, and Crystal 40, which create a suitable base for as much Citra as we can muster. We also throw some Amarillo and Mosaic into the mix, which yield an exceptional beverage, bursting with all sorts of fruity notes (i.e. tangerine, passion fruit, citrus, and stone fruit). It looks like orange juice (and kind of drinks like it, too), and greets the palate like an old friend while Reunited plays somewhere in the distance.

Cans will be up for grabs Saturday at 10am in the online special release presale, along with a grip of other, impossibly delicious works of brew-sorcery. You can get the full scoop via our email newsletters (sign up by clicking that little envelope in the top bar), as well as our Instagram feed (follow @moderntimesbeer). Please bear in mind that quantities are hecka limited, so if you want in on the dino-magic, we’d advise being ready to strike this weekend.