Today at 5PM, we will close our doors in DTLA, Santa Barbara, Oakland, and Portland. We have so many great memories at these spots; a whole lot of rad beers—and even radder people—have sat at our bars, and we are eternally grateful to every person that had a hand in making these places what they were.

Thank you to everyone who has come out over the past few days; our kitchens are officially out of food, and are moving through packaged and draft beer and coffee swiftly. We heartily encourage folks to swing by and close it out strong.

belmont fermentorium


You can read about these hard decisions and the path forward via our previous blog post. A message to investors was also sent our earlier this week.

house of perpetual refreshment


NOTE: If you have outstanding orders to pick up at any of these locations, we highly recommend collecting them today. If you are unable to, information on how to proceed is forthcoming.

academy of recreational sciences

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email League members have received communication on all this, and will continue to in the coming weeks.

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