Top 10 New Brewery Of 2013

Well, I woke up to a pretty rad surprise: RateBeer selected us as one of their top 10 new breweries of 2013! This is quite an honor, both because the folks at RateBeer are exceedingly savvy and because 2,600 breweries were eligible. So for us to take the 9th spot is really an honor.

Top New Brewers

But a certain part of me will never be content with taking 9th place in anything, so I will hasten to add that we are one of the largest (if not the largest, by production volume) and youngest breweries to make the list. Scaling up and brewing as fast as humanly possible can come at the expense of quality, but our brewers have actually made our beer BETTER as we've sped up. And with only 6 months of brewing under our belts, I can absolutely 100% guarantee that the best is still to come from us.

Speaking of production volume, I'm excited and a little stressed to announce that we are brewing at maximum capacity. Since we launched in L.A./Ventura/Santa Barbara on January 6th, demand has significantly exceeded supply, and we are working like hell to squeeze every drop of beer possible from the tank space we have. We have more fermenters on order, which will allow us to double capacity in April, but it's now clear that even that won't be enough. We're hoping to add even more tanks (doubling current capacity again) this summer. 

We are incredibly thankful for the tremendous support we've received and all the awesome people who have helped make it possible. Los Angeles definitely deserves a special shout out for being so incredibly receptive to what we do, though. Being an L.A. native myself (Los Feliz/Silver Lake), I'm humbled and thrilled that my hometown has taken such an aggressive liking to our beer. It's incredibly cool.

Cheers & thanks,

Jacob McKean

Modern Times Beer