To celebrate the Grand Opening of Kindred in San Diego, we're tapping an absolutely face-melting pod of mega-whales, with special tappings throughout the day to pair with their menu, plus hot and cold brewed Black House and Heavy Weather coffee. Wizard Fest, indeed. Here's what's on the agenda:

10am tapping:
Cask: Devils' Teeth With Coconut & Heavy Weather Winter Blend coffee
City of the Sun IPA
Aztec Mummy (tequila barrel-aged gose)
Fortunate Islands

4pm tapping:
School of Certain Victory (white wine barrel-aged sour w/ apricots)
Monsters' Park Aged in Rye Barrels (NITRO)
Neverwhere Brett IPA

8pm tapping:
Symmetric Orchestra (oak-aged funky sour)
Nova Swing IPA
Monsters' Playground (sour stout w/ citrus zest)

1503 30th St., San Diego, CA



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