Year 1: In Review

Now that the madness of our 1st Anniversary Party is over, I’ve had a chance to reflect a little on what we accomplished in our 1st year. And after crawling back through a year’s worth of social media posts, I’m pretty goddamn amazed at how much stuff we packed into 12 months of work. Here, for the benefit of posterity, is a timeline of the major events in our first year (I’ll update with the things I’ve inevitably forgotten):

July 8th—Our launch week kicks off! We’re draft only at this point.

July 13th—We threw open the doors to the Lomaland Fermentorium for a one night only preview. It was weird and rad.

August 9th—The Lomaland Fermentorium tasting room soft opening! It was jammed pretty much from the minute we opened. I lost three and half pounds from running around all day.

September 7th—Lomaland Fermentorium grand opening party! Tickets were sold out & a rad time was had by all.

September 30th—Wine barrels get filled with our first two batches of sour beers.

October 21st—Cans launch! An enormous amount of time, money, & effort went into making this happen, and it was such a relief to finally get the cans out the door. Our distributor sold half of the huge initial order on the first day.

November 29th—The 1st Annual Black House Black Friday Extravaganza. This turned out to be an even awesomer event than we thought it would be. 8 unique Black House variations were on-tap & a super fun crowd turned out.

December 4th—Shalomaland Hannukah Party! This may have been my favorite party all year (not including the Anniversary Party)

December 9th—We roll-out draft & cans in Orange County!

December 23rd—The Lomaland Fermentorium Christmas Fiesta. This also turned out to be super fun & convinced us that we’re good at throwing parties.

January 6th—We launched L.A.! And from this day forward, it was impossible for us to keep up with demand, which basically defined our agenda right up until today. L.A. has been absolutely amazing for us.

January 9th—Our distributor picks up an emergency shipment of beer to prevent L.A. from running out. We were blown away.

January 11th—We tap the first keg of Black House w/ bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans, the first beer in the world made with barrel-aged coffee beans.

January 15th—We announce the North Park Flavordome, our first satellite tasting room! Months of demanding physical & mental labor commence.

January 16th—Our first Lomaland Movie Night, featuring “Army of Darkness” is a rousing success.

January 29th—We are named one of the Top 10 New Brewers in the World by RateBeer. My phone rang off the hook for days, all people wanting our beer. I had to tell them all, “No.”

March 6th—We brew our 100th batch.

April 3rd—Our two new 120bbl tanks arrive, doubling our fermentation capacity.

April 29th—We tap three new beers simultaneously: Nitro Black House, Booming Rollers IPA, and a full-scale batch of Black House w/ bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans.

May 15th—We throw open the door of the North Park Flavordome for the first time!

June 6th—We head up to the Bay Area for a couple of sneak preview events. We’re hoping to send beer up to NorCal for real in 2015.

June 13th—Black House Blend cold press coffee goes on-tap at the Lomaland Fermentorium for the first time.

June 26th—Our first bottles go on-sale! Oneida, our Hallertau Blanc-heavy American Pale Ale, becomes our first bottled beer.

July 1st—All of our full-time employees are now covered under our group health care plan!

July 12th & 13th—Our triumphant, completely sold-out 1st Anniversary Party! Bags of our coffee beans debut, along with two limited edition glasses, Phalanx IPA, and a sneak peak of our forthcoming sours

Year 1 Stats

Beers released (does not include pilot batches, casks, etc): Lomaland, Black House, Fortunate Islands, Blazing World, Oneida, Neverwhere, Orderville, Roraima, Southern Lands, City of the Sun, Lost Horizon, Black House w/ bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans, Nitro Black House, Booming Rollers, Funky Lomaland, Monsters’ Park, Phalanx

Other notable accomplishments: Became one of the only breweries in the world to roast coffee in-house, brewed three 30bbl batches of 100% Brett Trois beer, set new record for brewery Kickstarter campaigns, named one of the Top 10 New Breweries in the World by RateBeer, generally excelled at being sexy

Parties thrown: Lomaland Fermentorium Grand Opening Party, Black House Black Friday Extravaganza, Shalomaland Hannukah Party, Christmas Fiesta, Qaanaaq New Year’s Party, 1st Anniversary Party

Starting employees: 4
Ending employees: 24

Barrels brewed: 3,201
Estimated year 2 barrels: 9,340



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