So this is more or less the culmination of 18 months of insane work. YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRINK OUR BEER NOW. OR AT LEAST TOMORROW.

We sent our first truckload of beer up to the busy bees at Stone Distributing on Friday, and we’ve got another going up today. That means any bar or restaurant in San Diego that has an account with Stone Distributing can ORDER OUR BEER RIGHT FRICKIN’ NOW.

Several well-known local spots have already announced their intention to start pouring all four of our year round beers TOMORROW, which, ya know, totally makes me pee a little with glee.

As per California ABC rules, I am not allowed to mention accounts by name unless directly asked about availability by a consumer, which is a goofy rule but whatever. So you can either ask me on Twitter or Facebook, or you can wait until I get an availability map up on the “Buy/Sell” tab on the website.

Based on what I’ve been hearing, I would expect to see our lovely tap handles popping up at a bunch more spots in the coming days. So if you see one of our taps around, please let me know!

But remember: our official launch week starts July 8th, and holy crap are we ever planning some awesome events for that. By then, we should have 7-8 beers available, which is totally baffling to me but incredibly awesome. In addition to the four you’re familiar with, we should have Neverwhere (our 100% Brett IPA), Oneida (our Nelson/Cascade pale ale), and Orderville (our Simcoe/Chinook red rye).

Once we’ve got everything scheduled, I’ll send out an email newsletter with the relevant details. In the meantime, it’s a citywide treasure hunt to find our very first beer to ever go on tap.

My brain just melted.



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