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The Work Ahead

on May 17,2021 - 0 Comments -

As many of you are aware, there has recently been an industry-wide outpouring of employees sharing their experiences with several forms of oppression in the beer world. On a public forum Friday, stories involving Modern Times team members were shared as part of a larger necessary and valuable reckoning for the craft beer industry when it comes to misogyny and harassment, specifically toward the women+ members of our industry.

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on May 10,2021 - 0 Comments -

As of May 10th (i.e. today!!), Leisuretown features a cafe. Not only are we brimming with pride and joy at how insanely dope the space is, we are tickled pink to be adding this new dimension to the Leisuretown experience. Whether you swing by for a quick cup, or hang out a while, we think both your palates and eyeballs will be pleased.

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on May 04,2021 - 0 Comments -

Prepare thy bods for MTB Spring Break. With every degree the temperature rises, the number of times we catch ourselves daydreaming about sipping a delicious beverage outside increases exponentially. Order of Hermes and Foamer Pils have reigned supreme over temperate revelry for some time now, so you may recognize these glorious vessels. If you do, you know that they’re virtually guaranteed to serve you well in any leisuretime setting.

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Coffee Extraction Theory

on Apr 29,2021 - 0 Comments -

At first glance, extraction may sound like some fancy piece of professional jargon that only baristas truly comprehend. FALSE. If coffee is your jam, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the caffeination game for years, understanding the ins and outs of extraction is invaluable in achieving the ideal cup of coffee.

When we say extraction, we’re talking about the process of dissolving ground coffee in hot water. All that dissolved stuff creates the flavors that constitute the profile of your finished brew, and there are a whole bunch of contributing factors that can affect that profile. To learn how to harness the powers of extraction to produce a well-extracted cup, read on.

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Reparations Beer

on Apr 20,2021 - 0 Comments -

At Modern Times, we have a motto: Be excellent to each other. This deceptively simple phrase embodies the core values that this company was built on, and in recent times, it means listening, learning, and doing the work. We deeply believe that there is a desperate need for real, meaningful equity for America's oppressed populations, and we continue to work toward increasing our involvement in the critical areas of racial and social justice. On Saturday, Reparations--a nuanced and exorbitantly delicious imperial stout with vanilla, coffee, and ginger that will benefit an outrageously deserving cause--will be up for grabs at 10AM in the online presale.

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