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on Nov 02,2017 - 0 Comments -

“Dare to say 'yes' to The League of Partygoers & Elegant People."--Nancy Reagan

The League of Partygoers & Elegant People is entering its 3rd glorious year, and Zeus has informed us that this will be the dankest on record. Among the anticipated new treasures: a beer list resplendent with obscenely tasty offerings, including the greatest hits of yesteryear, plus a plethora of that new new shit; fabulous and invigorating new pick-up locations in Los Angeles and Portland (plus two more slated for mid-2018); a cornucopia of life-changingly decadent events; and so, so much more. It's a veritable horn of plenty for the rakish & venturesome beer connoisseur.

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Introducing the Modern Times Coffee Mega-Buddies

on May 18,2017 - 8 Comments -

LIFE-ALTERING COFFEE NEWS. In the interest of offering a broader spectrum of caffeinated delights to patrons of our coffee program, we are turning our subscription service into a full-blown smorgasbord of beans, cold brew, coffee accessories, and radical special event opportunities. We’ll also be debuting new cold brew growlers and incredibly sexy black bags of member-exclusive coffee, both of which we are extremely excited about.

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