Reparations Beer

on Apr 20,2021 - 0 Comments -

At Modern Times, we have a motto: Be excellent to each other. This deceptively simple phrase embodies the core values that this company was built on, and in recent times, it means listening, learning, and doing the work. We deeply believe that there is a desperate need for real, meaningful equity for America's oppressed populations, and we continue to work toward increasing our involvement in the critical areas of racial and social justice. On Saturday, Reparations--a nuanced and exorbitantly delicious imperial stout with vanilla, coffee, and ginger that will benefit an outrageously deserving cause--will be up for grabs at 10AM in the online presale.

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The End of and Era: A Fond Farewell to Blazing World

on Apr 16,2021 - 0 Comments -

This is the glorious tale of one of the original pillars of dankness on which the Modern Times Multi-verse was built. It’s been a staple in our year-round lineup since 2013; a tried and true bastion of resiny goodness that has melted the brains of beer enthusiasts far and wide. Though its 8-year reign is drawing to an end, Blazing World will be fondly remembered as a unique beer, an amber beauty, a supremely-quenching refreshment, and all-around super solid choice.

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LAGERS; They're the New Pizza

on Apr 06,2021 - 0 Comments -

Greetings, friends! After a brief can-release hiatus, we are back in action with a delightful grip of special release beers. There’s a whole bunch of deliciousness that falls under the April Part 1 umbrella, but what we’re most stoked about is a pair of impossibly tasty, extra crispy lagers. To say they are the cat’s pajamas would be a gross understatement...dare we say that they’re the new pizza? We totally do.

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on Mar 16,2021 - 0 Comments -

One of our most infamous haze beasts makes its triumphant return in the forthcoming special release presale, so obviously, we’re going to seize this opportunity to sing its many praises. If you’re a devout follower of our hypest brews, you’ll be well-aware of the reputation of this certified murk lord. Of course, we are referring to Dinosaur World.

Dinosaur World DIPA 2021


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