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We're Expanding--Again--& It's Going To Be Rad

on Aug 04,2015 - 15 Comments -

We’ve been in a near-constant state of growth since we opened our doors. Our capacity has grown fourfold through the regular arrival of new fermenters, packaging equipment, and other improvements. Most recently, the installation of dry and spent grain silos capped off our second major phase of growth.

And now we’re about to start another major phase of growth, to the extent that it even makes sense to talk about phases. With the help of the awesome lenders at Opus Bank, we'll be embarking on a major and concurrent set of projects that will once again change how this place looks, dramatically. If all goes to plan (ha!), here’s what we’re going to do:

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The Benefits Of Working At Modern Times

on Jul 27,2015 - 21 Comments -

Modern Times has been open for 4 years, and we’ve grown exponentially in that time. With a spate of recent announcements regarding new locations, beers, distribution markets, and a rapidly growing staff, we think it’s important to let you know why we think Modern Times is a pretty rad place to work. Here are some of the perks and benefits of working at Modern Times:

We’re Employee-Owned!

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Where We Go From Here

on Jul 05,2015 - 12 Comments -

Last week I did a little reflecting on how far Modern Times has come in the (almost) two short years it’s been in existence. With our 2nd Anniversary Party coming up next weekend, it seems like a good time to think about big picture stuff, so this week, I’d like to talk about where we go from here.

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Reflecting On Our First 2 Years

on Jun 28,2015 - 3 Comments -

With Modern Times coming up on our 2nd Anniversary, it seems like a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come. And holy shit, have we ever come far.

I started working full-time on opening the brewery in January of 2012, but we didn’t open for business until 18 months later, in July of 2013. That first year and a half was spent raising money, finding our location, building a brewery, hiring brewers, and the countless other tasks both large and small that go into starting a business. Even though it felt like an absolute pressure cooker at the time—with ungodly sums of money being spent and none coming back in—compared to actually running a brewery, it was a relatively easy time. I never dreamed I’d say that.

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2nd Anniversary Bottle Release!

on Jun 17,2015 - 0 Comments -

EDIT: Due to overwhelming interest in this sale, we are placing a ONE BOTTLE PER TICKET HOLDER LIMIT on this sale (meaning one version or the other, not one of each). Designated driver ticket holders may not buy bottles.

So we thought it would be fun to do something super special for the folks attending our 2nd Anniversary Party. That special thing is this: we're releasing two one-of-a-kind bottlings of Barrel-Aged Monsters' Park.


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