2nd anniversary throwdown at the dtla dankness dojo

Saturday, January 25

2ND ANNIVERSARY THROWDOWN! The Dankness Dojo is tucking another year under its belt in style, and by that we mean a hoard of delicious beverages (including a special anniversary coffee blend) & ultra-tasty culinary creations. It's going down all day 1/25, and we'd be honored if you made an appearance. 

No tickets required.

Here are the libational wonders that will be available:

  • Double Barrel-Aged Wizard Blend '18 (bourbon barrel-aged stout cuvee)
  • Monster Tones (imperial dessert stout)
  • Chaos Grid: Island Vacation(rum barrel-aged stout blend w/ coconut & cocoa)
  • Transit of Venus Aged in Gin barrels (rye grisette)
  • Palace of Paper Sacks (red wine barrel-aged sour blond w/ nectarines)
  • Golden Harvest Anniversary Blend Coffee

832 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Dankness Dojo 2nd Anniversary Throwdown