Carnival of Caffeination: Pastry Palooza at liberty station

Saturday, February 08

CAFFEINATION IS IMMINENT! This year's Carnival of Caffeination: Pastry Palooza is going down 2/8. For the uninitiated, this annual convergence of the galaxy’s baddest roasters & brewers is a wonderland of dark beer & coffee treats, and this year, we're honing in on the most decadent spectacles of liquid luxury our most talented homies can possibly conceive. More details to come, but if you're already chomping at the bit, we'd highly advise marking your calendars.

TICKETS are totally available. 


  • Star Jungle (5% hoppy pilsner w/ Mosaic, Nelson, & Hallertau Blanc)
  • Double Dry-Hopped Dinosaur World (8% DIPA w/Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, Citra Cryo, & Mosaic Cryo) 
  • Light Shadow (9% imperial porter w/ marshmallows & blueberries)
  • MT: Ultra Coffee (13.2% barrel-aged stout cuvee w/ Black House coffee beans, Guardian Spirit espresso, & Ethiopia Guji cold brew concentrate)
  • Beastmaster Aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Carnival of Caffeination Blend Coffee & Vanilla (13.5% imperial dessert stout)
  • Cosmorail: Dirty Chai (6% Baltic porter w/ chai spices, vanila, Idea Machine coffee)
  • Beastmaster/Modem Tones Cuvee Aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Black House Coffee, Maple Syrup, & Boysenberries (14% imperial dessert stout)
  • Monsters' Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels: Sticky Buns (14.2% imperial stout w/ vegan caramel, cinnamon sticks,& toasted pecans)
  • Monsters' Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup & Coffee (14.2% imperial stout)
  • Monsters' Park aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels: Vanilla Coffee-Cake (14.2% imperial stout w/ caramelized turbinado, cinnamon, Honduras Los Amigos coffee beans, toasted almonds, & vanilla)
  • Chaos Grid: Pastrypalooza (13.7% mega pastry stout w/ toasted coconut, Idea Machine coffee, barrel-aged maple syrup, toasted almonds, cocoa nibs, & vanilla beans--LEAGUE ONLY)
  • Beastmaster aged in Bourbon Barrels: Marshmallow Latte Edition (13.5% imperial stout w/ wood-fired vegan marshmallows, vanilla beans, & bourbon-barrel-aged Papua New Guinea Arokara coffee--THEORY ONLY)
  • Cranberry Cascara Radler (3.5% radler)
  • Red Velvet Latte (draft latte w/ espresso, chocolate, & beet juice)
  • Carnival of Caffeination Blend Cold Brew (nitro cold brew coffee)

Carnival of Caffeination 2020