Flavordome Ltd: Sour Power at the North Park Flavordome in San Diego

Tuesday, May 21

FLAVORDOME LTD: Sour Power. Our North Park spot will soon be converted into a hub of delightfully tart beverages. If that sounds like your kind of shindig, you're highly encouraged to stop by the 'dome on 5/21 from 6PM-9PM (no tickets required). Here are the delectable beverages we'll be offering:

  • News from Nowhere (red wine barrel-aged Flanders red--7.6%)
  • Shadow Mountain (red wine barrel-aged saison w/ boysenberries--6%)
  • Kingdom of Dolls (white wine barrel-aged sour saison--6.3%)
  • Goblin Ski Patrol (barrel-aged sour blend--6.9% )

3000 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92104