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Danksauce for your domepiece

You are invited to experience the glorious, lupulin-fueled majesty of our 5th Annual Festival of Dankness. This August 24th, an armada of the world's most powerful beer sorcerers will descend upon San Diego's beautiful Waterfront Park bearing gifts of unparalleled hop-centric wonderment. Stunning displays of exotic hops, cutting edge brewing approaches, and awe-inspiring mastery of alpha acids will abound, and the list of participating breweries is nothing short of spectacular.

We've carefully curated the festival list to include breweries we feel are truly and uniquely radical, and the beers on offer will be some of the singularly delicious and inventive in the world. There will be a cadre of amazing brewers in attendance, so in addition to insanely tasty beers and awesome waterfront views of downtown San Diego, you'll have an opportunity to high-five, compliment, and pick the brains of some of the brewing industry's best and brightest.

We'll have some super choice food trucks on hand to sate your epicurean desires (including vegan options), a bunch of convenient water stations, and more sexy merch than you can shake a stick at.

All profits from this day of delicious frivolity will go to BikeSD, a non-profit at the forefront of making San Diego a better, more sustainable place to ride.

Brewery List and Beers

3 Floyds
Munster, IN

Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA

  • Contains No Juice DIPA (8.5%)
  • Juice Cruz (sour milkshake DIPA w/ peaches, apricots, milk sugar & vanilla beans--collab w/ RAR; 8%)

Arizona Wilderness
Gilbert, AZ

  • La Ciudad IPA (6.4%)
  • July 11 IPA (6.5%)
  • Crystal Eyes DIPA (9.5%)

San Diego, CA

Long Beach, CA

  • Into the Great Unknown (w/ New Zealand Cascade--6.4%)
  • Defenders of the Hop IPA (7.1%)

Bearded Iris 
Nashville, TN

  • Homestyle IPA (6%)
  • Chief of Chiefs DDH DIPA (7.5%)
  • Mood Ring IPA (w/ pineapple, mango, & guava--8.5%)
  • Road Map DIPA (7.5%)

Bend, OR

  • Hop Venom DIPA (9%)
  • Notorious IPA3 (11.5)

Bottle Logic 
Anaheim, CA

Portland, OR

  • Wanderlust IPA (6.2%)
  • Love Bubbles Brut IPA (6.3%)

Brouwerij West
San Pedro, CA

Carlsbad, CA

  • Carlsbad Crush (Mosaic -pale al--5.8%)
  • Clever Kiwi (Nelson dry-hopped pilsner--5%)

Asheville, NC

Mystic Circles of Severed Dreams DIPA (8.2%)
Paracosm of the Grotesque DIPA (8.5%)
Other Forms of Evil Dry-Hopped Pils (5.5%)

Burning Beard
El Cajon, CA

  • Gorehound Tart IPA (6.5%)
  • New Damage IPA (7%)
  • Dankness Visible IPA (6.5%)
  • Normcore (Czech pils--5.5%)

San Francisco, CA

Denver, CO

Cigar City
Tampa, FL

Civil Society 
Jupiter, FL

  • Subject Twenty (pale ale--5.4%)
  • Trust Issues DIPA (8%)

Claim 52
Eugene, OR

  • Thicc: Cherry Pie (tart fruit ale--5%)
  • Fluffier (DIPA w/ milk sugar, hopped w/ Mosaic & Citra--8%)

Seattle, WA

  • DDH Happy Little Clouds Pilsner (5.3%)
  • Don't Be A Hero DIPA (8.3%

Manchester, UK

New Orleans, LA

Creature Comforts
Athens, GA

  • Born Dreaming DIPA (8%)
  • Imperial Trop Haze DIPA (8%)

Middletown, NY

  • Fluctuation DIPA (8.1%)
  • Infinity Polar Vortex TIPA (10.5%)

Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Minneapolis, MN

  • Mirror Universe IPA (7%)
  • Ship of Theseus IPA (collab w/ Industrial Arts--5.9%)

Berkeley, CA

  • Pulp IPA (6.9%)
  • Puro Gusto Italian Pilsner (5.7%)

Glendale, NY

Great Notion
Portland, OR

  • Ripe IPA (7%)
  • Superstar IPA (7.5%)

Green Cheek
Orange, CA

Grimm Artisanal Ales
Brooklyn, NY

  • Maximum Joy DIPA (8%)
  • Splish DIPA (8%)

Half Acre 
Chicago, IL

Highland Park 
Los Angeles, CA


Pomona, CA

  • Neptune Estate (6.8%)
  • Windowpane (6%)

Brooklyn, NY

La Cumbre 
Albuquerque, NM

  • Project Dank IPA (7.5%)
  • Sun Fade IPA (6.5%)

LIC Beer Project
Long Island City, NY

  • Interstellar Overdrive (8.5%)
  • Party Crasher (5.5%)

Fairfield, NJ

  • Lurching Towards the Milky Way IPA (8.5%)
  • Frosted Flakes DIPA (8%)

Modern Times
San Diego, CA

  • Wave Sweeper (Nelson DIPA--8%)
  • SSH Effective Dreams IPA (collab w/ Great Notion--7.5%)
  • Danger Dolphin (dry-hopped foggy lager--5.5%)
  • Wish Master DIPA
  • Harvest of Memories DIPA (collab w/ Bearded Iris--8%)
  • Foeder Ice w/ Triskel (oak-aged dry-hopped pilsner--4.8%)
  • Nectarnomicon: Maui Wowie (ultra-fruited dessert sour w/ pineapple, blood orange, coconut, & passionfruit--3.5%)
  • Monsters’ Cabana (Monsters' Park aged in Rum Barrels w/ toasted coconut & key lime--14.2%)
  • Nectarnomicon: Maui Wowie Slushy (ultra-fruited dessert sour w/ pineapple, blood orange, coconut, & passionfruit--3.6%)
  • Date Shake: Slushy Edition (Foeder Tones stout w/ dates, walnuts, oat milk, cinnamon, & vanilla--3%)
  • Poolside DIPA Slushy (float w/ Hawaiian DIPA, mango, coconut, lime, & pineapple--8%)
  • Passionfruit, Coconut and Jasmine Slushy (fruited sour beer slushy--3%) 

Rocklin, CA

  • Turbinator 2: Judgement Haze DIPA (8.2%)
  • Westy McPherson IPA (7.1%)

Torrance, CA

Los Angeles, CA

North Park Beer
San Diego, CA

Other Half 
Brooklyn, NY

Outer Range 
Frisco, CO

Hood River, OR

Phase 3 
Long Grove, IL

  • Curvature (neapolitan imperial stout--12.9%)
  • Tropical District Milkshake IPA (8.2%)

Pizza Port 
San Diego, CA

Pueblo Vida 
Tucson, AZ

  • Agano Double IPA (8%)
  • Andromeda IPA (6.5%)
  • Costae DIPA (8%)
  • PLP DIPA (8%)

Pure Project
San Diego, CA

RAR Brewing
Cambridge, MD

Portland, OR

  • Mystic Visions IPA (7.5%)
  • Collective Questions IPA (7%)

Russian River 
Santa Rosa, CA

  • Pliny the Elder DIPA (8%)
  • Happy Hops IPA (6.5%)

Sapwood Cellars
Columbia, MD

  • Guava, Please! (triple dry-hopped DIPA w/ guava--8.1%)
  • Cheater Hops #8 IPA (7.2%)

Seven Stills
San Francisco, CA

Shacksbury Cider
Vergennes, VT

  • Ping Pong (dry-hopped cider--collab w/ Modern Times; 6.2%)
  • Spritz (cider--3.8%)

San Diego, CA

  • The Pupil (San Diego IPA--7.5%)
  • The Harlot (Belgian Blonde Ale--5.6%)
  • The Roustabout (DIPA--8.7%)
  • The Coachman (Session IPA--4.9%)

State Brewing Co
Gardena, CA

Baltimore, MD

Temescal Brewing
Oakland, CA

  • Temescal Pils (5%)
  • Your Favorite Jerks IPA (6.9%)
  • Temescal Hazy (6.5%)

Brooklyn, NY

Tired Hands
Ardmore, PA

  • Alien Church IPA (7%)
  • Pineapple Milkshake IPA (w/ vanilla & pineapple, Mosaic & Citra--7.2%)

Triple Crossing
Richmond, VA

  • Clever Girl IPA (6%)
  • Last Broadcast DIPA (8%)

Wayfinder Brewing
Portland, OR

  • DDH Definitely IS IPA (collab w/ Breakside--7.1%)

Wren House 
Phoenix, AZ

  • Good Boy Wally TIPA (10%)
  • Button Willow Small IPA (4%)
  • Spellbinder IPA (6.5%)
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The kind folks at BikeSD will be running a bike valet right in front of the festival! Ride your bike right up to the front, and someone else will do the hard work of keeping it safe for you.

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Trolley & Amtrak

This is a map of the trolley. What’s super rad is that there is a stop right in front of Waterfront Park, making this option one of the most convenient transportation options. Coming from North County? Take the Amtrak into Santa Fe Depot. Huzzah!


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