The 4th Annual Festival of Funk

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You are invited to experience The Funk at its highest level. The Festival of Funk is a celebration of sours, saisons, and all things funky, carefully curated from some of the most fearlessly innovative brewers in the world. We've put together a jaw-droppingly rad group of breweries and secured a spot at San Diego's gorgeous Liberty Station for a party of epic proportions. 

Attendees will be baptized in the deep and diverse waters of funk, from the delightfully tropical to the intensely sour and everything in between, experiencing the truly amazing variety of flavors these exotic yeast strains and bacteria are capable of kicking out. The Festival of Funk will also be a prime opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most talented and adventurous brewers in the world, so come prepared with your beer-nerdiest questions.

We'll have plenty of food options on site as well as water stations, an outrageously funky DJ mix from Peso, and a few surprises. We'll also have tons of ultra-sexy merchandise on hand for your purchasing pleasure.

All proceeds from Festival of Funk will be benefiting two incredibly San Diego organizations: BikeSD, a non-profit working to make San Diego a better place to live, work, and ride; and the Climate Action Campaign, an organization focused on stopping the climate crisis through policy action.

Brewery List and Beers


San Francisco, CA

  • Sunshine & Opportunity (mixed-fermentation dry-hopped saison)

  • Apricot Sournova (sour with apricots)

  • Strawberry Hopcake (barrel-aged hoppy sour with cherries, nectarines, raspberries, pluots, and strawberries)

Arizona Wilderness
Gilbert, AZ

  • Salt River (oak-fermented saison) 

  • Carignon Sauvage (foeder-fermented wild saison aged on Arizona-grown Carignan grapes)

  • Sonoran Prince (sour golden ale fermented and aged in French Oak with peaches)

Barreled Souls
Saco, ME

  • Stay Puft (imperial stout with marshmallows)

  • Superman Punch (fruit punch gose)

Beachwood Blendery
Long Beach, CA

  • Funk Yeah (gueuze-inspired sour ale fermented and aged in oak barrels with raspberries)

  • Umeboshi (Belgian-style sour ale fermented and aged in oak barrels with plums and sea salt)

  • Bright Sunshiny Day (Collaboration with Cellarmaker--Belgian-style sour ale fermented and aged in oak barrels with aprium, pineapple and mango)

Toronto, ON

  • Fruit Jelly King (dry-hopped sour w/ pineapple)

  • Cherry Farmageddon (barrel-aged wild ale w/ Niagara Montmorency cherries)

Brouwerij West
San Pedro, CA

  • Blueberry (mixed fermentation saison)

  • Giraffe (mixed fermentation saison) 

  • Rumble Fork (mixed fermentation saison)

Bruery Terreux
Anaheim, CA

  • Brazo Brazo (American wild ale aged in oak barrels with brazo blackberries)

  • Steam Crossing (foeder-aged mixed culture saison--collab with Green Cheek Beer)

California Wild Ales
San Diego, CA

  • Pineapple Upside Down (sour ale with brown-sugar-dusted grilled pineapple and maraschino cherries)

  • Citrus Explosion (sour ale with Meyer lemon and grapefruit)

  • Strawberry (sour ale with strawberries)

Casa Agria
Oxnard, CA

  • Huerta (saison aged on apricots)

  • El Besado (wild ale with peaches, pluots, & nectaplums)

  • Mas Frambuesa (saison aged on raspberries)

North Hills, CA


San Francisco, CA

  • Dry Creek AVA Grenache (barrel-aged sour with whole cluster dry creek syrah grapes)

  • Meet Me at the Kriek (barrel-aged sour with Balaton and sweet cherries)

  • Mycrokosmos (barrel-aged sour with Chantrelle mushrooms--collab with Tired Hands)

  • 4:1 Nectarine 2019 (barrel-aged sour with Le Grande nectarines)

  • Farmer Direct: Pluot (barrel-aged sour with Organic Flavor Supreme pluots from Kashiwase Farms)

Charlie & Echo Wines
San Diego, CA

Creature Comforts
Athens, GA

  • Athens to Athens, Grist to Grist (saison)

  • Fauxjolais (fruited saison aged in wine barrels)

  • Pearson (fruited ale aged in oak barrels) 

  • Mutualism (farmhouse lager)

Crooked Stave
Denver, CO

  • L'Brett d'Or-Surreal (spontaneous sour ale aged in oak barrels)

  • Sour Rosé (wild ale fermented in oak with raspberries and blueberries)

  • Member Berries Cabernet Franc (golden sour ale aged in oak barrels with cabernet franc grapes)

Bakersfield, CA

Dry River
Los Angeles, CA

  • Lady Roja (foeder aged sour with tamarind and hibiscus) 

  • Abacaxi (golden sour with pineapple)

  • Ruby (mixed culture gose with boysenberries and blackberries) 

  • Jungle Gold (bourbon barrel-aged golden sour with second-use berries)

  • Bridges IPA(american IPA with Azacca, Mosaic, and Citra)

Fair State
Minneapolis, MN

  • Tiny Hammer of Death (hoppy table beer--Burial collab)

  • Bee's Knees, (cocktail-inspired gin barrel-aged sour)

  • PMPD (kettle sour with passionfruit, mango, pineapple, & dragonfruit)

  • Upick 2018 (fruited, barrel-aged sour)

Firestone Walker
Paso Robles, CA

Forest and Main
Ambler, PA

  • Marius ( barrel-aged saison conditioned on peaches)

  • En Passant (barrel-aged saison conditioned on alfalfa honey)

Green Cheek
Orange, CA

Half Acre
Chicago, IL

  • Tracker (mixed culture beer) 

  • Peach Loam (fruited foeder saison)

  • Shallow Back (mixed culture Berliner)

Highland Park
Los Angeles, CA

  • Timbo Pils (West Coast pils)

  • Twiced Jura Blend, (rustic saison with wine grape pomace) 

  • On Cones (rustic saison with sugar pine cones)

Holy Mountain
Seattle, WA

  • Deer Years (ale aged in oak barrels lined with Spanish cedar)

  • 2- Cabernet Sacrament (oak-fermented wheat ale aged on cab sauv grapes)

Pomona, CA

Horus Aged Ales
Oceanside, CA

  • Reeling Off (blend of bourbon and vanilla barrel-aged Belgian-style sour ales aged on boysenberries and plums)

  • Stuck In The Staves (blend of bourbon and sherry barrel-aged Belgian-style sour ales aged on cherries and marionberries)


Humble Sea
Santa Cruz, CA

  • Vin Zin (house sour with zinfandel pomace)

  • Vin Chard - (house sour with chardonnay pomace)

  • Playita Light (Mexican lager)

J. Wakefield
Miami, FL

  • DFPF (Berliner-weiss with dragon fruit & passion fruit) 

  • Haterade (fruit-punch-inspired Berliner-weiss) 

  • Ginger Yum Yum (Berliner-weiss with ginger & peaches) 

  • Orange Dreamsicle (Berliner-weiss with oranges & vanilla)

Kent Falls
Kent, CT

  • Tiny House (farmhouse ale)

  • Scarcely More Articulate (farmhouse ale)

Lassen Cider
Chico, CA

  • Farmhouse Dry (barrel-fermented cider with Northern California apples)

  • Newtown Pippin (barrel-fermented cider with Northern California apples)

  • Winesap (barrel-fermented cider with Northern California apples)

LIC Beer Project
Long Island City, NY

  • Pink Gators (Berliner-weisse brewed with guava, passionfruit and dragonfruit)

  • Higher Burnin (Hazy IPA with Belma, El Dorado and Mosaic hops)

Little Beast
Portland, OR

  • Dream State (foeder aged beer with fresh strawberries)

  • Golden Stone (mixed culture super-saison with peaches, nectarines, and apricots)

Los Pilares Winery
San Diego, CA

Fairfield, NJ

  • Search (red wine barrel-aged saison with brettanomyces aged on raspberries and cherries) 

  • What's Next (imperial sour ale with strawberry, coconut, and white chocolate)

Mission Trail Cider
Shandon, CA

  • Kiwifornia (kiwi wine)

  • Jam (pluot, peach, nectarine jerkum)

  • Plums of Beverly Hills (wild fermented cherry jerkum)

  • Bayas De Califas (pyment mead)

Modern Times
San Diego, CA

  • Red Wine Barrel Aged Celestial City: Painkiller Edition (barrel-aged saison with pineapple, coconut, orange juice, and grated nutmeg)
  • Red Wine Barrel Aged Graf Wheat: Mango Oolong Edition ((barrel-aged ale fermented with apples, conditioned on mango and fresh-brewed Oolong tea)
  • Yellow Aged in Red Wine Barrels w/ Grilled Peaches & Vanilla (barrel-aged funky saison)
  • Barrel Aged Transit of Venus: Tarte au Citron (barrel-aged grisette with meyer lemon, baby lemon, sorrento lemon, and vanilla)
  • Foeder Ice: Radler Edition (foeder-aged pils with cara cara/navel oranges, grapefruit, sorrento lemon, blood orange, and Pixie tangerines)
  • Cherry Cocoa Stour (sour/stout blend with vanilla and dark cherries)
  • Foeder Ice Dry Hopped w/ Czech Saaz (foeder-aged pils)
  • Paloma Slushie (slushie with Creature Times aged in tequila barrels, grapefruit juice, lime, tajin, and smoked sea salt)

Other Half
Brooklyn, NY

Portland, OR

Russian River
Santa Rosa, CA

  • Supplication (sour brown ale aged in pinot noir barrels with cherries)

  • Consecration (sour dark ale aged in cabernet barrels with currants)

Sante Adairius
Capitola, CA

Shacksbury Cider
Vergennes, VT

San Diego, CA

Speciation Artisan Ales
Comstock Park, MI

  • Meiotic Drive (foeder-aged sour with elderberries) 

  • Phylogenetic (foeder-aged sour with tangerines)

Strange Roots
Pittsburgh, PA

  • Laphroaig Barrel-Aged Ragnarok (Belgian-style strong dark ale)

  • Spontaneous Roots (sour with Montmorency cherries)

The Rare Barrel
Berkeley, CA

  • Mired In the Rind (golden sour beer aged in oak barrels with blackberries, lavender, and lemon peel)  

  • Blurred T (tart saison aged in oak barrels with Tempranillo grapes)

  • Summer's Gonna Hurt You (golden sour aged in oak barrels with Masumoto peaches and nectarines)

  • Cyboggie (sour DIPA with Citra, El Dorado, and Nelson)

The Referend Bier Blendery
Pennington, NJ

  • Le Mur  (spontaneously-fermented golden ale refermented with NJ blackberries)
  • Berlinner Messe: Credo (spontaneously-fermented, vertically blended pale wheat ale)

Tin City Cider 
Paso Robles, CA


Vesper Vineyards 
Escondido, CA

Wild Mind
Minneapolis, MN

  • Spontané: Framboise 2019 (blend of barrel-aged and spontaneously-fermented wild ale conditioned on raspberries)

  • Fragaria Hibiscus 2019 (blended foeder and barrel-aged golden sour ale conditioned on strawberry and hibiscus)

  • Mariage du Rouge (spontaneously-fermented wild ale conditioned on whole Tempranillo grapes)

Yeast of Eden
Carmel by the Sea, CA

  • Saison Récolte (wet hop saison) 

  • Past & Pending (mixed fermentation saison w/ apricots & nectarines)


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The kind folks at BikeSD will be running a bike valet right in front of the festival! Ride your bike right up to the front, and someone else will do the hard work of keeping it safe for you.

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