The 1st Annual Portland Festival of Dankness

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Danksauce for your domepiece

You are invited to experience the glorious, lupulin-fueled majesty of our first ever Festival of Dankness in Portland. This August 31st, an armada of the world's most powerful beer sorcerers will descend upon Portland's Redd at Salmon Street bearing gifts of unparalleled hop-centric wonderment. Stunning displays of exotic hops, cutting edge brewing approaches, and awe-inspiring mastery of alpha acids will abound, and the list of participating breweries is nothing short of spectacular.

We've carefully curated the festival list to include breweries we feel are truly and uniquely radical, and the beers on offer will be some of the singularly delicious and inventive in the world. There will be a cadre of amazing brewers in attendance, so in addition to insanely tasty beers you'll have an opportunity to high-five, compliment, and pick the brains of some of the brewing industry's best and brightest.

We'll have some super choice food trucks on hand to sate your epicurean desires (including vegan options), a bunch of convenient water stations, and more sexy merch than you can shake a stick at.

All profits from this day of delicious frivolity will go to 350 PDX and New Avenues, two great local non-profits.

Brewery and Beer List

3 Floyds
Munster, IN

  • CheerTeam IPA (7.2%)
  • Munsterfest (fest bier--6%)

Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA

Arizona Wilderness
Gilbert, AZ

  • Crystaleyes DIPA  (w/ honey--9.5%)
  • July 11 IPA (w/ dragonfruit--6.5%)
  • La Ciudad IPA (w/ citrus & mosaic--6.4%)

Backwoods Brewing
Carson, WA

Bend, OR

  • Hop Traitor DIPA (8%)
  • PWA (Pineapple with Attitude) IPA (6.5%)

Bottle Logic 
Anaheim, CA

  • Hostile Intent (tart wheat ale w/ starfruit & kiwi--6%)
  • Caliburn IPA (6.3%)

Portland, OR

  • Love Bubbles Brut IPA (6.3%)
  • Thirst Trap IPA (6.4%) 

Brothers Cascadia
Vancouver, WA

  • Portland's Hat Hazy DIPA (8.5%)
  • Super Chief IPA (6%)

Carlsbad, CA

  • Carlsbad Crush (west coast pale ale--5.8%)
  • Nelson Takes Flight IPA (collab w/ South Park Beer--7%)

Denver, CO

Claim 52
Eugene, OR

  • Thicc: Cherry Pie (tart fruit ale--5%)
  • Fluffier (DIPA w/ milk sugar, hopped w/ Citra & Mosaic--8%)

Seattle, WA

Manchester, UK

  • In A Barbe World (pale ale w/ Barbe Rouge hops--5.9%)
  • Broad Spectrum IPA (6.9%)

Portland, OR

  • Side Hustle Hazy IPA (6.3%)
  • Portal Jump (collab w/ Behemoth Brewing--6.66%)

Dancing Gnome
Pittsburgh, PA

  • Lustra Pale Ale (5.8%)
  • Better One or Two Double IPA (8%)

Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Minneapolis, MN

  • Mirror Universe IPA (7%)
  • Ship of Theseus IPA (collab w/ Industrial Arts--5.9%)

Berkeley, CA

  • Pulp IPA (6.9%)
  • Puro Gusto Italian Pilsner (5.7%)

Glendale, NY

Ft. George
Astoria, OR

  • Fields of Green IPA (7.6%)
  • Saison Fog (8.8%)

Portland, OR

  • Starry Eyes IPA (7.5%)
  • Ginormous MK8 DIPA (8.8%)

Great Notion
Portland, OR

  • Juice Jr IPA (6%)
  • Superstar IPA (7.5%)

Green Cheek
Orange, CA

  • The Other Brian (IPA w/ Citra--8.5%)
  • Australian For Pale (Australian-style pale ale w/ Galaxy, Motueka & Nelson--5.6%)
  • Member IPA? (West Coast IPA w/ Mosaic--7%)
  • Oaked Just Right (barrel-aged Helles-style Lager--5.2%)

Grimm Artisanal Ales
Brooklyn, NY


Humble Sea
Santa Cruz, CA

J. Wakefield 
Miami, FL

Modern Times
San Diego, CA

  • Harvest of Memories (DIPA w/ Motueka & Strata hops--8.00%)
  • Poolside DIPA Slushy (Harvest of Memories Base w/ pineapple, vanilla, lime, and coconut--8.00%)
  • Nectarnomicon: Maui Wowie Edition (ultra-fruited kettle sour w/ pineapple, blood orange, coconut, & passionfruit--3.6%)
  • Star Projector: Tiki Edition (super-Berliner w/ pineapple, coconut, orange, nutmeg--10.00%)
  • Foeder Ice w/ Triskel Hops (oak-aged, dry-hopped pils w/ Triskel hops--4.8%)
  • Wizard & Graf w/ Nelson Hops & Meyer Lemon (dry-hopped grisette--5.7%)
  • Wish Master (Galaxy DIPA--8%)
  • Heavy Rotation (hazy IPA w/ Citra, Southern Passion, & Galaxy hops--Topa Topa collab--8.00%)
  • Blanc on Blanc on Blanc on Blanc (hazy DIPA w/ sauv blanc grape must--7.7%)

Los Angeles, CA

Other Half 
Brooklyn, NY

Our Mutual Friend
Denver, CO

  • Time's Arrow IPA (6.2%)
  • Invisible Bees IPA (6.9%)

Outer Range 
Frisco, CO

Hood River, OR

  • Hazy Guava IPA (6.9%)
  • La Mure (white wine barrel-aged lambic-inspired ale w/ raspberries & marionberries--6.5%)

Pizza Port 
San Diego, CA

Pure Project
San Diego, CA

Portland, OR

  • Chase the Sky IPA (6.8%)
  • Audio Aquatic IPA (7.5%)

Russian River 
Santa Rosa, CA

  • Pliny the Elder DIPA (8%)
  • Blind Pig IPA (6.25%)

Sante Adairius
Santa Cruz, CA

  • Grass City IPA (6.9%)
  • The Professor's Patent DIPA (8.3%)

Sapwood Cellars
Columbia, MD


Temescal Brewing
Oakland, CA

  • Temescal Pils (5%) 
  • Temescal Hazy (6.5%)
  • Your Favorite Jerks IPA (6.9%)

The Veil
Richmond, VA

Tired Hands
Ardmore, PA

  • Alien Church IPA (7%)
  • Pineapple Milkshake IPA (w/ vanilla & pineapple, Mosaic & Citra--7.2%)

Portland, OR

  • DDH Definitely IS IPA (collab w/ Breakside--7.1%)
  • Party Time Pilsner (4.7%)

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