Behold! The Modern Times Coffee Roasting Robot

on Feb 06,2013 - 77 Comments -

Ambex YM-2

Here’s a cool thing: as far as I can tell, we’ll be the second brewery in the country to roast our own coffee (the first appears to be Two Brothers in Chicago).

That little fire engine red machine is an Ambex YM-2, an introductory-level roaster than can handle a beastly 5 lbs of green coffee at a time. It’s far from the fanciest roaster you can buy, but I found it on Craigslist and the price was right.

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What Will Make Modern Times Different? Part 4

on Jan 22,2013 - 817 Comments -

Our stunning can designs.

Press Release

Modern Times Beer and Helms Workshop are proud to unveil the stunningly gorgeous can designs that will represent the brewery on retail shelves in 2013.

“Classic, vibrant, and oozing panache, these are the cans to drink while installing an Eames chair in your vintage Alfa Romeo lowrider. This packaging will upstage your favorite tiki mug. They are so devastatingly tasteful, a koozie would be a crime,” says Jacob McKean, founder of Modern Times.

The result of a painstaking collaborative process, the cans will house Modern Times’ four year-round beers: Fortunate Islands, a hoppy wheat beer; Black House, an oatmeal coffee stout; Blazing World, an amber IPA; and Lomaland, a food-friendly saison.

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What Will Make Modern Times Different? Pt. 1

on Jan 06,2013 - 690 Comments -

By now you’ve undoubtedly read the San Diego CityBeat cover story, “19 Places To Keep An Eye On In 2013”, in which Modern Times is listed #3 (above City Hall, as one commenter noted).

When I was contacted for the story, the email asked “What will set Modern Times apart from the other breweries springing up?”, to which I responded with a lavish five point dissertation on the brewery’s future specialness. Sadly, none of that brilliant content made its way into the article, so I will subject you to it here in serialized and expanded form.

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The Evolution of a Recipe

on Dec 17,2012 - 148 Comments -

Victories tend to get lost in the endless swirl of stress that characterizes the brewery start-up process. There is such a constant need to solve major, project-threatening problems that lingering on the rare successes isn’t really an option.

But Modern Times had a major success recently, and I want to dive-in to how it happened. The success: we brewed a really great beer. A beer that I think is going to be huge for us. A beer that will likely be a big part of our identity.

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The beer situation thus far

on Aug 21,2012 - 1350 Comments -

As you may be aware, Modern Times has a brewing prodigy at its disposal: Mike Tonsmeire, known to homebrewing internet users as The Mad Fermentationist. Years ago, I traded some pretty rare commercial beers for a box full of Mike’s sours. The beers were exceptional; a few were world class. I knew right then that if I ever had the chance to bring Mike’s beers to a wider audience, I would.

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