Cans: the saga

on Oct 21,2013 - 5908 Comments -

It would be difficult to overstate how insanely excited I am to be launching our cans this week. From the minute I began dreaming about Modern Times and imagining what it would become, I knew unequivocally that I wanted to put our beer in cans. But I had no idea just what an enormous undertaking it would be.

This is my 22nd month working full-time on Modern Times, and the goal of drinking our beer out of our cans has seemed impossibly out of reach at times.

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The absurd story of Orderville

on Oct 03,2013 - 897 Comments -

Let me tell you a story. It’s the story of a young brewery with big ambitions. Specifically, ambitions to make really exciting beer the coolest way possible. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in absurd projects that would be disasters if the results weren’t so tasty.

And such is the case with Orderville, the wet hop IPA we just tapped in the tasting room and will be sending into distribution next week. Months ago we got the announcement from one of our hop brokers that if we wanted to make a “green hop" (i.e. fresh-picked & undried hops) beer, we needed to place our order NOW NOW NOW. Well at that time we were cruising along just fine, with plenty of time and capacity in the brewhouse to take on new projects.

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on Oct 01,2013 - 4741 Comments -

We are collectively geeked out of our frickin’ gourds to announce that Modern Times Beer will be launching our cockstaggeringly gorgeous cans throughout San Diego on October 21st.

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