Year 1: In Review

on Jul 26,2014 - 4343 Comments -

Now that the madness of our 1st Anniversary Party is over, I’ve had a chance to reflect a little on what we accomplished in our 1st year. And after crawling back through a year’s worth of social media posts, I’m pretty goddamn amazed at how much stuff we packed into 12 months of work. Here, for the benefit of posterity, is a timeline of the major events in our first year (I’ll update with the things I’ve inevitably forgotten):

July 8th—Our launch week kicks off! We’re draft only at this point.

July 13th—We threw open the doors to the Lomaland Fermentorium for a one night only preview. It was weird and rad.

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Bottle Release #2: Phalanx IPA!

on Jul 21,2014 - 686 Comments -

Well, things went so swimmingly with Oneida bottles, that we've decided to do the bottle thing again. In fact, all signs point to this becoming something we do regularly. 

Bottle release #2 will be Phalanx IPA, which we tapped for the very first time at our 1st Anniversary Party. It's a peachy, juicy, robust 7.5% ABV IPA loaded up with (insanely expensive) Australian Summer hops. We balance the peach/apricot flavor & aroma from the Summer hops with small quantities of Horizon (for dankness) and Chinook (for citrus). 

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Why You Should Attend The Best Party Ever

on Jul 10,2014 - 1648 Comments -

We're having our 1st Anniversary Party this weekend (TICKETS!) It will go down in history as the best party in the history of parties. Ever. Here's why:

1) This is the finest collection of beer we've ever assembled. The three barrel-aged sours are tasting amazing: tart, oaky, funky, delicious. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Monsters' Park is a barrel-bomb, and the version with coffee is the best stout we've ever made: super aromatic, ultra flavorful, incredibly complex.

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