Our 2015 22oz Release Calendar

on Dec 22,2014 - 7065 Comments -

We’ve got ambitious plans for 2015. As I mentioned in my post about our forthcoming canned seasonals, 2015 will be the year of the Full-Spectrum Modern Times Beer Experience™: year round cans & draft, seasonal cans & draft, special release 22oz bottles & draft, & barrel-aged special release bottles.

All of our 22oz releases will be widely available throughout our distribution area (currently Southern California, Central Coast, Maui, and a few export markets) in both bottles & on-draft. Expect to see them anywhere you've seen previous bottle releases from us. 

So, what will our 22oz releases be in 2015, you ask? Excellent question. Here’s the schedule:

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COMING IN 2015: Seasonal Cans!

on Dec 15,2014 - 5671 Comments -

Seasonal cans are coming! My goal has always been for a rotating cadre of seasonals to occupy a 5th can slot for us, and now that plan is coming to fruition. Along with an ambitious 22oz release program and a slew of barrel-aged releases (both of which I will write about soon), in 2015 we will put all of the pieces of my original beer plan for Modern Times into place. That's super exciting.

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Sour Fun Facts #1

on Dec 11,2014 - 1140 Comments -

Here are some fun facts about our first sour beer release! Bottles of Empty Hats & News From Nowhere will be available at both of our tasting rooms starting starting tomorrow for $27 each; drink 'em with us or take 'em home.

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Now Pouring: Sleepless City!

on Dec 08,2014 - 738 Comments -

Today we tapped a radical new beer: Sleepless City, a 5.7% ABV brown ale loaded with our house roasted single origin Kenya Nyeri Othaya Peaberry coffee.

The Nyeri Peaberry is loaded with rich winey notes, citrus zest, and spice. It’s a beautiful coffee that highlights the complexity that makes Kenyan coffee so famous, and it really comes through in the beer. We dosed it the same way we do Black House (whole beans into cold beer for 48 hours), giving Sleepless City a crackin’ coffee aroma and robust but well-integrated coffee flavor.

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Weekly Update!

on Dec 03,2014 - 3578 Comments -

So I started sending out weekly updates for our staff (who now number 26!) about the general goings-on of the brewery, and I realized that most of the information in the updates is stuff you all might want to hear. I generally post about all of this stuff on social media, but this is a nice way to condense it in one place. So here goes!

1. Our online sour beer sale is tomorrow!

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