Reflecting On Our First 2 Years

on Jun 28,2015 - 1253 Comments -

With Modern Times coming up on our 2nd Anniversary, it seems like a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come. And holy shit, have we ever come far.

I started working full-time on opening the brewery in January of 2012, but we didn’t open for business until 18 months later, in July of 2013. That first year and a half was spent raising money, finding our location, building a brewery, hiring brewers, and the countless other tasks both large and small that go into starting a business. Even though it felt like an absolute pressure cooker at the time—with ungodly sums of money being spent and none coming back in—compared to actually running a brewery, it was a relatively easy time. I never dreamed I’d say that.

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2nd Anniversary Bottle Release!

on Jun 17,2015 - 26347 Comments -

EDIT: Due to overwhelming interest in this sale, we are placing a ONE BOTTLE PER TICKET HOLDER LIMIT on this sale (meaning one version or the other, not one of each). Designated driver ticket holders may not buy bottles.

So we thought it would be fun to do something super special for the folks attending our 2nd Anniversary Party. That special thing is this: we're releasing two one-of-a-kind bottlings of Barrel-Aged Monsters' Park.


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Modern Times Cup of Dankness Freestyle Homebrew Competition Winners!

on Jun 10,2015 - 5144 Comments -

We held the first annual Cup of Dankness Freestyle Homebrew Competition on May 22nd. There were 67 entries from all over California, with lots of really great beer entered. A cadre of Modern Times brewers and staff narrowed down the field to about a dozen beers, and then argued at length to come up with a top three beers. Without further ado, here they are:

Third place was a delicious coconut dubbel from Paul Brown. The malt, yeast character, and coconut addition all blended beautifully, with a result that was both exceptionally flavorful and utterly unique.

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