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While we felt it was important to make a public statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are well aware that statements only go so far. This blog post will outline the initial steps we’ll be taking as we look both inward and outward in response to this vital movement. In keeping with the democratic workplace culture of Modern Times, we gathered ideas from our employee-owners and then conducted an internal poll of our 276-person team to decide where to place our emphasis.

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Black Lives Matter

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A message from our Founder & CEO Jacob McKean:

What's happening right now in this country is the inevitable result of tremendous inequality. A system that values some lives over others requires two things to maintain its stability: 1) Widespread belief in a collective lie, and 2) Violent repression. The lie at the heart of American racism is that black lives are less valuable than everyone else's. This manifests itself in every aspect of our broken society, from policing to housing to health care and beyond. 

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