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Time for September Round 2. If you thought it was impossible for our special projects ninjas to reach even more dizzying heights of fermented delectability, you thought wrong, friend. For this next portion of September's singularly awesome special release lineup, we've got some seriously stellar beverage offerings up our sleeve: imperial stout singles (!!), two Extraordinary IPAs, multiple specimens of collaborative excellence, and the return of one of our most vaunted crispy bois.

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September Special Release Rundown: Part 1

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What’s up, friends? Something rad & new, that’s what. Moving forward, we’ll be giving a written flavor breakdown for each bimonthly special release sale. While you totally get a brief brief on each offering via the email newsletters, we’re diving deeper here, serving up juicy details, spilling the production tea, and providing bonus tasting notes from brew-wizards, production mavens, righteous collaborators, and the like. A wealth of glorious, otherwise-unknown tidbits await.

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