October Special Release Rundown: Part 2

on Oct 23,2020 - 0 Comments -

Salutations, beverage fans. If you’re reading this, one can only assume you’re jonesing for some juicy, director’s-cut-type details on all of the liquid marvels included in part 2 of October’s special release presale. When the clock strikes 10 tomorrow morning, a treasure trove of unbelievably choice adult beverages will be released to the general populace online. The aforementioned spectacles of beverage include an idyllic fall cider, a fruitstand's worth of liquid tropical magic, collaborative hop-wizardry, & sour cuvee wonderment.

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October Special Release Rundown: Part 1

on Oct 09,2020 - 0 Comments -

GREETINGS, LOVED ONES. It's once again time to take your palate on a journey through another glorious special release dreamscape. The first portion of October's killer lineup is jam-packed with highly-potable stunners: collaborative works of haze-craft, a liquid homage to the city where it all began, a tall, biscuity drink of crispy refreshment, stupendous coffee, and OH...Cool Zone. All of these beers will be up for grabs in tomorrow morning’s online presale at 10AM. Without further ado, let us dive into this literary journey of libational exploration (Indiana Jones-style headwear encouraged, but not mandatory).

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on Oct 02,2020 - 0 Comments -

In addition to being in the midst of one of the craziest, most difficult eras to navigate in recent memory, a lot has been going down for MT. As of this very moment, we are up to EIGHT locations on the West Coast, including one MANY years in the making (*cough* Anaheim), with distribution in TEN states. It’s a glorious, magical beverage empire, and it’s a lot to keep track of as a guest. Ergo, We’re here to break it down for you, location-by-location, south to north, with all the important stats, fun facts, & need-to-knows.

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