A Statement from Jacob McKean

on May 18,2021 - 0 Comments -

I’d like to start off by saying what I should’ve said earlier: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that anyone has ever had to face harassment at Modern Times. No one should ever have to be traumatized at work, and it guts me that people have under my watch. I take full responsibility for that. My heart aches for anyone who came to work for us—full of hope for the career they expected to have with us—only to have that experience marred by harassment. That is truly awful, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone who has had that experience. I also apologize to all of our staff and fans who rightly expect so much better from us. You’ve invested your hearts and souls into this place, and I am so sorry to have let you down in this way.

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The Work Ahead

on May 17,2021 - 0 Comments -

As many of you are aware, there has recently been an industry-wide outpouring of employees sharing their experiences with several forms of oppression in the beer world. On a public forum Friday, stories involving Modern Times team members were shared as part of a larger necessary and valuable reckoning for the craft beer industry when it comes to misogyny and harassment, specifically toward the women+ members of our industry.

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on May 10,2021 - 0 Comments -

As of May 10th (i.e. today!!), Leisuretown features a cafe. Not only are we brimming with pride and joy at how insanely dope the space is, we are tickled pink to be adding this new dimension to the Leisuretown experience. Whether you swing by for a quick cup, or hang out a while, we think both your palates and eyeballs will be pleased.

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on May 04,2021 - 0 Comments -

Prepare thy bods for MTB Spring Break. With every degree the temperature rises, the number of times we catch ourselves daydreaming about sipping a delicious beverage outside increases exponentially. Order of Hermes and Foamer Pils have reigned supreme over temperate revelry for some time now, so you may recognize these glorious vessels. If you do, you know that they’re virtually guaranteed to serve you well in any leisuretime setting.

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