Booming Rollers & Protocosmos

You may recall our plan to release 16 new beers this year on an ambitious scale: 4 canned seasonals & 12 bottled special releases.

Happily, we are a bit ahead of schedule. Booming Rollers, our spring seasonal in what is essentially a rotating IPA program, was packaged last week and began hitting shelves in force this week. This 6.8% ABV IPA was ready earlier than anticipated, and we couldn’t justify holding back a fresh IPA just to meet the arbitrary seasonal bloc of March through May. It remains to be seen if we’ll actually be able to keep it on the shelf for that period; early indications are that it’s moving rather quickly.

As for the beer, it’s cracker dry, exceptionally clean, and overflowing with Citra aroma and flavor. The pairing with Motueka & Centennial balances all that mango/tropical hoppiness with hints of citrus zest and lemongrass, making for a terrifically satisfying IPA experience. It is no exaggeration to say that it is completely saturated with bright, tropical hop flavor, and the bitterness is firm but not overbearing. It’s truly a great beer.

4-packs of Booming Rollers should be widely available throughout our distribution area until June (at which time it will be rotated out for Oneida, our aggressively hopped 5.8% ABV Cascade/Hallertau Blanc pale ale) & there will be a significant amount of draft availability as well. 4-packs are available at both of our tasting rooms for $10.99.

Also early to hit shelves, Protocosmos is our next 22oz special release. A 7% ABV IPA employing a mix of Galaxy, Ahtanum, and Centennial, Protocosmos is a fragrant, complex, intensely hoppy beer. Pineapple; orange zest; and a profound, deep, almost vibrational dankness positively billow from the glass, and the light malt backbone provides the perfect support for this remarkably delicious IPA. More bitter and aggressive than Booming Rollers, Protocomsos is a one-time deal, so snatch it up if you see it.

Protocosmos was bottled on Monday and will be heading up to our distributor tomorrow. Expect to see it on shelves starting next week wherever you saw City of the Dead. It will be available at both of our tasting rooms for $6.99 starting Wednesday. Also on Wednesday we will tap casks of Protocosmos w/ pineapple at the Lomaland Fermentorium & Protocosmos w/ grapefruit zest at the North Park Flavordome.

Next month’s special release: Black House w/ toasted coconut & cocoa nibs! That’ll be spectacular.


Sophie Miller

Fri, 05/08/2020 - 02:49

Je vous remercie de l'information! Je cherchais et ne pouvait pas trouver. Vous me aidé!