December Special Release Rundown: Part 1

The first portion of the monumentally delicious December special release beers will officially be up for grabs tomorrow morning at 10AM. Our special projects magicians have reached out into the ether and plucked these hazy, refreshing, funky, barrel-aged, fruited, and caffeinated miracles out of the void for your drinking pleasure. It may be early in the holiday season, but this year more than ever, you deserve to treat yourself to some of the most delicious beveragery in the known universe. PLUS, we have a new & vastly improved reservation system, so getting in on all this deliciousness is easier than ever. Without further ado, let us dive into this month’s pool of liquid splendor. 

Let’s kick off this flavor expedition with a singularly tasty lager, School of Shadows. This elegant black lager is a nod to traditional German brewers of old. It’s got all the roasty character of your typical dark beer, but with the light, refreshing body--and lower ABV--of a lager. We brewed it with the choicest German malts; pilsner, munich I and II, and carafa special III, which gives the beer its dark appearance and subtle coffee note. Unlike last year’s batch, this iteration exclusively features Hallertau Mittelfruh hops, which both stands up to and complements its strong malt profile. The final product is a delicious amalgam of biscuit, toffee, & hazelnut notes that’s pretty ideal for the cooler temperatures we’re experiencing.

School of Shadows


Next up, another spectacle of crispy innovation, Mist Dragon with Riwaka. This insanely tasty beverage began as a collaboration with Humble Sea, based in Santa Cruz. We started things off with a grain bill of pilsner, spelt malt, & flaked oats, laying down the base for a pillowy mouthfeel with that lager finish we all know and love. We then introduced Riwaka (an exceptionally bright, cirtusy New Zealand varietal) and Calista (a fruity and herbal German varietal) into the mix, which resulted in an astoundingly tasty foggy lager sporting zesty notes of kumquat, balanced by peach and passionfruit.  

Mist Dragon w/ Riwaka (Humble Sea collab)

This next one is a cult favorite among our special projects wizards. This iteration of our beloved funky saison, Celestial City, was aged in Stonecutter gin barrels from their craft distillery nestled in the mountains of Vermont. It was a match made in heaven; the base beer set the stage with earthy funk, which melded impeccably with the residual botanical goodness of the gin. After a six-month stay in the barrels, this magical liquid was conditioned on a whopping 700 pounds of Red Roy Nectarines from California’s Boldt Farms. It’s a truly delightful drinking experience that we’re extremely proud to have our name on.

Celestial City Aged in Stonecutter Gine Barrels w/ Nectarines

Speaking of staff favorites, we’re thrilled to announce the return of Blanc on Blanc on Blanc on Blanc. This hazy Double India Pale Ale utilizes Phantasm powder, which is pulverized freeze-dried Sauvignon Blanc Grapes. This groundbreaking grape technology is all the amazing tastiness of Sauv Blanc grapes (uniquely herbaceous, A.K.A the ideal partner for some choice hops), concentrated in glorious dust. We also added Hallertau Blanc hops and a healthy dose of Nelson Sauvin, making for a supreme DIPA that walks the line between a fruity IPA and a soft white wine. 

Blanc on Blanc on Blanc on Blanc 2020

While we’re on the topic of beers that are vastly improved by intermingling with wine, allow us to introduce Flame Visions: Cuvée Moscatel. This presale lineup is definitely not lacking in crazy delicious crossover-types, but this one might just take the cake. We started with a blend of red sours, which then had an extended stay in some freshly emptied Moscatel wine barrels (known for their splendid floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle & a slight sweetness). The ante was significantly upped when we added a borderline ridiculous 500 pounds of Flavorosa Pluots, yielding a convergence of fruit, funk, and florality that is downright scrumptious.

Ready your grillpiece for a straight-up fruit frenzy: Forbidden Chants with Passion Fruit, Orange, Key Lime, Dragon Fruit, Coconut, and Vanilla. This heavy-hitting mega-Berliner was inspired by the Hurricane cocktail, and is the 3rd edition in this series of extremely fruity beverages. The fruit fiesta is held up by what is now a classic base recipe of pilsner malt, wheat, coconut, and vanilla, which balance the natural acidity of the fruit and make this a truly crushable tropical Berlinner. It’s positively bursting with notes of ripe passion fruit, followed by fresh-squeezed citrus on the palate.

The hazy caboose on this flavor train is Rapid Unplanned Disassembly. This moniker was inspired by an actual scientific term, which basically refers to something blowing up. This murk-lord of a DIPA lives up to its name, absolutely stuffed to the gills with exclusively Mosaic hops, a perfect complement to the base of 2-row and maris otter malts. We also added a touch of white wheat and flaked oats, making for a voluptuously-bodied beer boasting an intensely citrusy profile.

We’re pretty psyched on this lineup, and we’re extremely confident that it stands to vastly improve whatever kind of post-apocalyptic holiday situation you’ve got going on. Thus, we’d highly recommend being ready to snag anything you can’t live without when the sale goes live at 10AM this Saturday.

Beers will go live RIGHT HERE ON THE SALE PAGE.